Saturday, December 26, 2009

Preschool Winter Craft Using Yogurt Cups

Assalamu alaikum,

I think it would be an understatement to say that I save things: boxes, egg cartons, toliet paper rolls, see what I mean...hehe. I also save yogurt cups. I wash them out really good and keep them because there are crafts kids can do with them alhamdulillah. For example, this craft is easy and preschoolers can do it without much help insha'Allah.

To make this craft, the next time you or anyone in your family enjoys yogurt, don't break the individual cups apart. Leave them together insha'Allah - this means someone will have to eat two cups of yogurt at one time (smile). But you know, we did one with four cups together and you could certainly do one with only one cup too insha'Allah.

Here's what you'll need insha'Allah:

- clean, empty yogurt cup(s)
- white glitter
- glue
-white paint (be sure it's non-toxic insha'Allah)
- light blue construction paper
- black marker
- white circles (3 different sizes)

First: Cut the construction paper to match the length and width of the circumference of the yogurt cup.
Next, invite the child to paint the winter scene onto the construction paper and allow to dry.

Then put glue around the entire yogurt cup and affix your winter scene insha'Allah. The winter scene is the part that the child can do almost independently insha'Allah. Cutting the circles for the snowmen is great fine motor skill work and kids love glitter (supervise that part insha'Allah..hehe) and most children love to paint. Once they've designed the scene they want, you can help them glue it to the side of the cup insha'Allah.

I use these little crafty cups to store things: coins, math manipulatives, buttons, etc. No doubt your little ones will find lots of uses for them too insha'Allah.

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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