Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Around: Land, Air & Water Vehicles (Book 19)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah, this is book 19 from the Pre-School Islamic Studies Curriculum that sis Umm Maimoonah uses. Yes, this book is out of sequence but insha'Allaah, I will continue to post books 16-18 at the same time I am posting the books for weeks 19-22 to keep track with sis Umm Maimoonah and any others who may be on the same week that she is on insha'Allaah *smile*.

In 'Getting Around: Land, Air & Water Vehicles', children learn about the Prophet's (sallallaahu alayhi wa salam) camel and how people used to get from place to place and they learn about the different types of land, air and water vehicles that we use today alhamdulillaah. Children are also introduced to using a bar graph to show information, they make new words, and learn two more of Allaah's Beautiful Names and more! You can also use these (pictured below) transportation puzzles - the puzzles in this file have no border around them but you can download the puzzles with a border around them below- to compliment this book and this colouring book as well insha'Allaah.
Enjoy insha'Allaah! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Allaah Gave Me A House to Live In! (Book 15)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah this is book # 15 that correlates/compliments the Pre-School Islamic Studies curriculum that sis Umm Maimoonah is using. There are two different book covers to choose from but the interiors are the same.

In 'Allaah Gave Me A House to Live In', children learn that a house/home is a blessing from Allaah. They learn that not all people have homes or the comfort and security that accompanies them in many cases walhamdullillaah.

Children learn two more of Allaah's Beautiful Names and they also have a chance to 'build' a house using bricks that have letters on them and when combined, they make new words. Children also have an opportunity to judge for themselves which items do not belong in certain parts of the house; they match animals to their proper homes; they also have fine motor skill practice (tracing) through an activity that asks them to help each animal get home. Children also have the opportunity to count some of the blessing that Allaah has provided them by walking through their home and counting certain items (i.e. how many lamps Allaah has provided them, etc.). They also learn the ad'iya for entering and leaving the home and more!

Enjoy insha'Allaah! and Book 16 (Allaah Gave Me A Family) is coming soon insha'Allaah!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Insha'Allaah, will return to posting soon

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Insha'Allaah, I will resume posting soon but prior to that I would like to sincerely ask all those who have taken the time to leave comments or email to please forgive me as I am considerably backlogged and have not had the chance to respond. I extend my apologies and I hope to be able to catch up soon insha'Allaah.

I also hope to post Book 15 from the PreK Islamic Studies Curriculum soon insha'Allaah. 

Jazakum Allaahu Khayran

Monday, May 9, 2011

Toddler Busy Work

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Sometimes, especially at certain times of the year (i.e. end of school year, summer approaching, Ramadan, etc.), it's helpful to have activities on hand that toddlers can access and complete almost independently. The following activities are some that are used just for that purpose and some can be added to students portable writing centres as well.

Everything the toddler needs to complete the activity is stored in the plastic zip-lock bag. Teachers/parents can make several copies (enough for each student/child) of the worksheet (this worksheet is an extension from the activity in this post) and place them in a basket. In a second basket, you can place the plastic bags with the glue stick and pieces that need to be glued to the worksheet.  Students take one worksheet and one bag and complete the activity independently insha'Allaah.

These books need to be assembled by teacher/parent. The pre-assembled book and a sheet with apple stickers is placed in a plastic bag for students to complete independently as well insha'Allaah. This little book (Arabic only) is for students to work on 1:1 correspondence.

Then on to fine motor skill practice and practical life activities:

This is a very common Montessori activity that helps children work on fine motor skills and the pincer grasp (the ability to grasp a small object between the tips of the thumb and index finger).

I added a practical life extension activity so that there was a bit of variety:

From a basket, students take a shirt and a clothes pin and hang the shirts on the line in the correct numerical order. There are shirts for 0-5 pictured here. Each shirt has a teddy bear (or bears) on it ranging from 0-5.

Into this activity you can place Control of Error so the child(ren) can check their work once they've hung all of the shirts on the line. By writing the numbers on the back of the shirts that correspond to the amount of bears on the front of the shirts, children can walk around the line of bears and make sure the numbers are in the correct order - i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

The string that is used for this activity cannot/should not be left up when children are done with the activity. This activity also needs to be supervised by an adult as a choking hazard is present (i.e. the string which is at the toddlers eye level). 

When children are done, they remove the shirts and clothes pins from the line and put them back in the basket and return the activity to the appropriate shelf/space.

Here is the shirt pattern I used for this and the teddy bears if you'd like to use them insha'Allaah. If you'd like to make shirts with bears up to the number 10 here are bears to complete the set insha'Allaah. An alternative is to use stickers to save time cutting out 55 teddy bears.

I also put together some little workbooks for toddlers and preschoolers to pick up and complete with little supervision or assistance (depending on the age of the child)

Above, these are two of the four (4) workbooks for toddlers to work on. The book in the bottom right hand corner is a little math book for toddlers and the book in the upper left corner is a colouring book for transportation.

In the math book, there are two pages that are to be cut out and the child pastes the pieces into the correct boxes on the appropriate page(s) (i.e. the piece that matches the picture on the page). Another activity requires that the child place the correct amount of stickers in each box (i.e. each box has a certain number of circles and the child must put the correct number of stickers in each box. So if a box has three circles, the child will put three stickers in that box - one over each circle insha'Allaah). Alternately, the child can colour in the circles in each box, making sure all circles for each number are the same colour (i.e. for the box with 5 circles all circles can be coloured blue insha'Allaah).

All of the workbooks are: 

- Hadith Colouring Book (this is just a smaller version of this hadith colouring book)

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Hunt (Vocabulary Building Reader)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is for a sister who wanted a book and activity that would help build vocabulary and observation skills for a young toddler insha'Allaah.

The mini-book asks if the child can find certain objects. The teacher/parent/ or another child who is reading the book to the child, picks an object from the many objects on the page and the child (who is being read to) attempts to find it first on the page in the book and then on his/her mat. When found, the child places a chip on the object. This is an Eye-Spy variation I would guess.

This is a sample page from the book and an example showing how the child would place the chip over the object on their mat.

To help build vocabulary, the names of all objects pictured in the book are found on the last pages of the book. Parents/teachers may choose to teach the names of the objects first, even if the child is not reading yet, prior to doing the activity with the child...waallaahu a'lam. And alhamdulillaah, I remembered that some sisters had asked for Arabic mini-books with the harakaat on the letters, so the letters have harakaat *smile*.

A second variation to the activity (not pictured) is intended for two children to play. Each child is given a mat that has some of the objects from the book on it. Each child's mat is slightly different (i.e. some objects on one mat are not on the other mat and vice-versa). Each child is also given matching pieces for their mat so they can place them over the objects when they find them insha'Allaah. A third person uses the book, picks an object from the page and asks children if they can find that object on their mat. The children check their mats and if they have the object on their mat, they place the matching piece over the picture. The first child to finish his/her mat wins.

Dear sis, if this activity is in line with what you needed, please let me know and I will make more mats so that all of the objects pictured in the book are available to you so that you can add variety to the activity insha'Allaah.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!


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