Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Different and Same Activity for the Letter Zay

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This activity, "Different and Same", is one type of activity that is used in Montessori pre-school classrooms.

Just a close-up view

We used these cards to continue our work with the letter zay and to continue working on words that begin with that sound. In the pictures, all but one of the cards in the set are on the table but when presenting the activity, only the cards with letters were presented. The cards with pictures can be presented in a separate lesson insha'Allah.

To do this activity, present the cards, one at a time, to the child. Give them some type of marker chip to place over the letter or picture that is different from the rest. You can see an example of these cards on Montessori for Everyone.com. I made these for our specific study purposes and you may find that these can be made for many different themes (i.e. Hajj, Salat, Fall/Autumn, etc.) as they are easy to make and to assemble alhamdulillah.

During the activity, we briefly talked about why the letter that was different did not belong with the other letters on the card. For example, one of the letter cards has the letter seen three times and then one circle shows the letter zay. We talked about why zay was different from the letter seen: it's physical characteristics that are different (i.e. it's shape, it has a dot on top, etc.), the sounds it makes, etc. and then we moved on to the next card.

I would recommend that this type of activity not be used for children not yet in pre-school (or pre-school aged), however, you know your child best. If you feel that he/she is prepared for such an activity then this is a decision that rests in your hands and again, this is one of the many benefits of homeschooling: you can present to your child what you feel he/she is ready to encounter and be introduced to.

A side note: I didn't provide a link to download the file because...I can't seem to find it subhana'Allaah!....lol.

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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  1. MashAllah, sis, I am loving these new activities you are posting up. It's something we needed for long. May Allah swt reward you, and keep up the good work. It is very appriciated so you know :)


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