Monday, November 29, 2010

The Next Learning Roots Giveaway!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah, here is the next giveaway sponsored by

These are just amazing masha'Allaah! 'What's Next?' is a set of 40 beautiful cards that help children learn the correct sequence of the actions of wudhu and the salat. On the back of each card, children will find instructions about the action pictured on the front of the card. Even if your child(ren)/students already know the actions of wudhu and salat, insha'Allaah, they will still enjoy this game.

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment mentioning how you might use this game to teach your children/students the correct sequences of wudhu and salat. The giveaway opens today, Monday, November 29, 2010, and will close Sunday, December 5, 2010, at midnight Google time. 

There will be two (2) winners insha'Allaah, selected using


  1. Inshallah I will use this game to teach my preschooler the correct sequence for Wudu and reinforce Salat. Definately something I would purchase for any child in my family.

  2. Well...i already have this but don't mind having another one to gift!

    I have posted the salah and the number of rakkaat opposite to them to help my son learn the timings and the correct number of rakaat each salah has...

    Havent used the rest yet..


  3. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu
    I would use the cards when teaching my children wudhu and salaah. One could ask ones child to place it in the correct sequence after completion of lesson. One could ask the child to identify those in incorrect order, or the missing one (after one removes a card from the pack).

    Mashallah the cards look like a wonderful collection to have a muslim home.

    Umm Muhammad

  4. JAK for another giveaway!
    I would use this in my classroom with KG and 1st graders to reinforce Wudu and teach them about Salah which I will begin this week Insha'Allah.
    Umm Bilal

  5. Jazzak Allahu khieran for the give away sister... masha'Allah your site looks amazing and so do these cards... I would use these cards to teach my son how to correctly pray... they would also be a great gift for any muslim family

  6. mashaAllaah, beautiful to use to teach the different names of the postures as well as for the tiny ones to mimic the actions and get them ready for an important lifetime of ibaadah.

    Umm Muhammad Saalih

  7. salam
    my son has just turned six, i'm planning to start teaching him about salah and this item would provide me with a root playful teaching

  8. mashaAllah I've had the idea to make these type cards and they are already available!I would jumble them up and get children to identify the sequence or I would give each child a card and I would start off by acting out the first part of wudhu or salaah and the child with the next card comes up and acts it out and so forth. InsahAllah it should be a fun and collective activity!

  9. Mashaa Allah, very useful game for children!!!

  10. As salam alikum,
    My son has this...but if I win I give to my friend Inshallah. Jzk for this giveaway. wa salam oum ayoub

  11. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmahtuallahi Wa Barakatuh, Oh Alhamdulilah! My 3 yr old & 5 yr old could so benefit from these cards! They are just so sweet looking! Masha Allah.
    Jazkallahu Khair Dear Sis for the giveaway!

  12. Asalamu Alaikum

    These cards look awesome mashaAllah! I could see my daughter playing sequencing games with them. Jazak Allah Khair for everything you do. I get so many great ideas from your site.

  13. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh. Barakallaahu fikum for great work like this to teach children rules of wudu and salaah.. I think inshaAllah it will help me to teach my children, manners of making wudu and praying salah, with fun and easy understandable way. Jazakallahu for good deeds, inshaAllah it is useful game and ilm for kids!

  14. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullai Wa Barakaath,

    Alhamdulillah! This is so cute and very much needed at my house. I have three children that this would come in handy for.

    Ma Salaama,
    Maleekah Umm Tahir

  15. Assalaamu alaikum,
    This looks like a wonderful product mash'Allah. I would use this to teach my daughter the correct sequence of performing wudu and salaah insh'Allah. She is a very visual learner so I think these would be a big hit with her! Jazak'Allahu khairun for the giveaway.

  16. As salamu alaykum

    I would appreciate to win these cards as they will be of great help when teaching my two daughters about wuduh and salat. As somebody mentioned, they'll be great for fun learning with games and quizes.

    Ummus Sumayya

  17. Assalamu 'alaykum

    I must say that these are lovely and a great way to enforce the salah in our kids' minds.


  18. Assalamulaikum

    Wow again give away... Insha Allah I would like to use this before giving this to my kids :)

    Umm Ayman

  19. asalaam Aleikum...
    indeed a very good learning tool to keep in our homes to teach our children...

  20. asallamu alaikum dear sister,

    My family would use this game inshaAllah to help teach our five your old more about praying.

  21. السلام عليكم.
    في الحقيقة يا أختي نشكركي على هذا آلمجهود و العمل الذي تقومين به .
    أما عن اختيارك لهده الوثائق التي من خلالها يمكن تعليم أطفالنا كيفية الوضوء،
    و الصلاة، فإني أجدها فكرةً جيدة اتمنى أن ينتفع بها أطفلنا.
    وأخيراً اطلب من الله أن يجعل عملكي هذا في ميزان حسانتك.
    جزاك الله خير الجزاء.

  22. Assalammualaikum sister,
    there are lots of games you can use the cards.
    - You can introduce the children the names of the action. Then you can scramble or spread around the cards, mention the name of the action and the child tries to find it.
    - You can put all the cards align on the floor, the child jumps beside the card and name and perform the action
    - You can teach about the praying sequences. Scramble the cards, and ask the child to order it like you said it
    - You can hide a certain card, and ask the child to guess what card you hid
    - You can play matching games, etc..

  23. salam alaikum

    Another give away...Jazakallah Khair sister for everything..May Allah bless u and ur lovd ones

    Umm Ayyash

  24. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    InshaAllah I would use these cards to teach my children the sequence of wudu and salah. They could practice their ordinal numbers in Arabic this way. They could also put in which card is missing from a given sequence of cards. They could pick one of the cards and act it out and the other children would guess which card it is. JazakAllah khair sister.

  25. I would use this with my preschooler since masha'allah he loves to copy us in prayer. This could be a great teaching tool for him to walk him through the specific steps of both wudu and prayer.
    Hope I win insha'allah! :)

  26. Sallamz
    this a very beneficial competition and I would appreciate it very much if I was to be given the gift. I hope i do get the chance InshAllah and I would spread the knowledge it preaches.

  27. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah mashaAllah this looks great I would use it with my preschooler. I would lay them face down and read the action to him, have him demonstrate and then have him flip to see if he is right, seems like there are lots of ways to use these

  28. Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu

    After I have taught kids how to pray, perform wudhoo, etc I will use the cards as a form of revision or reinforcing what they have learned.


    1) Pile cards in order

    2) Put cards behind my back

    3) Pick up first card. Read to kids & show them the picture

    4) Then shout out "WHAT'S NEXT?"

    5) Whoever knows raises their hand and answers.

    6) If they are correct, pick up the next card, read it to them and show them picture

    7) Then shout out "WHAT'S NEXT?"

    8) Continue game until cards finish.

    In another class, repeat with salaah cards.

    And that's how I would use them.

    Wassalaamu Alaykum
    Wa Rahatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh

  29. Aww. Mashallah these are cards are very good to teach children how to perform their salaah correctly. Inshallah these cards would be used by my maktab and other teachers to teach the different classes how to perform their salaah correctly.

  30. As'salaamu Alayki wa Rahmatullaah

    Maashaa Allaah I have looked at these cards to teach my two preschoolers the actions of Whudu and Salat. Inshaa Allaah I would use these cards for memory game, of the actions in salat and whudu, as well as what du'a to make in each position and each step of whudu. I would also , utilize it to teach them the order of salat and number of positions of rakats, by using it as a number sequence game. You could also help them memeorize how many rakats are in each salat. Match the du'a with the position. There are so many ways to adjust the game, maashaa Allaah. Would love to have it and save on that shipping cost inshaa Allaah, smile.

  31. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,
    Oh the possiblilites! MashaAllah The cards are so adoreable, and I think my prechoolers would enjoy them very much InshaAllah. These cards could be used as both a teaching as well as assessment tool.
    - Initally the cards could be used to assess what the children know/think they know in terms of the vocabulary, actions, or sequence.
    for the vocabulary, if you have readers the words could be covered depending on lesson objective
    - They could be used as a game where all cards are scattered in the center and the vocabulary/ action is called out by teacher or 1 student, and everyone else tries to find the picture that matches - again may wish to cover vocab if you have readers depending on the lesson objective
    -play a game where a certain number of the sequence cards are layed out in order with the rest in a pool and the children have to finish the sequence either individially or as a cooperative team
    -lay out all the cards for either wudhu or prayer, prayer times in sequence, have children cover their eyes as you take away, or cover 1 card with something like a piece of opaque paper, and have them guess the missing piece of the sequence, 2 children could play this game with each other alternating turns too
    -Variation of the previous, lay the cards in order, and while the childrens' eyes are closed switch the positon of 2 cards and have the children figure it out
    -play charades
    -ask the kids "what do you say when you do this..." and show them a card.
    -play a guessing game where 1 person describes an action and the rest either perform it, or name it
    -play "simon says"
    -variation for more advanced kids.. "simon says" show me what you do after ___".
    -cover the words at the bottom of the card with a post-it, create separate cards with the same vocabulary (either english or arabic or both) and play a matching game - control of error peeling off the post it.
    -once you've made the above said cards they could be used by themselves as a matching game (english to arabic vocab) using the "what's next" cards as a control.
    -make number cards for number of rakat for each prayer and have the children match
    -use the cards in a pocket chart as an interactive poster/or independent center activity
    -use the prayer times cards in a pocket chart with clock print outs (digital or analog depending on teaching objective) as a poster or reminder for children. I would place this below a wall clock.
    -playing any of these games would be great for a quick rough assessment either of individual students or a small group.
    -there are so many variations that could be done with the above said activities so that different levels, ages, abilities, special needs and learning styles could be accomodated!

  32. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmahtuallahi,

    Another lovely giveaway Alhamdulilah! My kids sure could use these cards and practice wudu and salaah topics again inshaAllah.

    Jazkallahu Khair for the giveaway!

  33. Asalaam Aleikum... these are so beneficial.... n jazakaAllah khairan for all the work you are doing

  34. Assalam u alakium

    This giveaway must be used as a game for even parents with the child for learning. I pray that may Alllah give me a chance to win.


    Umme subhana

  35. MashaAllah, will love to have this. Interesting way, to teach wudhu and salat. If i win this, i will use for them for my Madrasah kids and my own kids..inshAllah

  36. Assalum Allaikum
    I would use these for myself as Im still learnig as well as my 3 little jids!

  37. Assalamu alaikum,
    maybe i'm too late - but i'm gonna try :)because we love to get this giveaway.

    Love from Germany,
    wassalamu alaikum,
    Umm Muhammad

  38. AssalamuAlaikum,

    I would get the children (depending on their age range e.g., 6 years & plus) to do the actions of the pictures on the card given to them and get the other children to guess what action the child has done. The children will then have to guess what the next movement will be.


  39. Assalamualaikum,
    I would use this with my five-year old and almost Seven-year old inshaAllah. May Allah reward you again, for hosting this giveaway, ameen.
    Umm Saara

  40. Assalamalaikum
    I'm expecting my first child inshallah and was looking for a website so that inshallah I can give this child the best start in life the way Allah has ordained ameen.. I think these kind of cards and games are amazing. I have lots of lil nieces and nephews and at times explaining these kind of concepts to them is better via games. My own father explained the seerah of the prophet saw, salaat and the life of the sahabas in the form of islamic ladybird books and I still remember the "the stories" I used to read.

  41. As salam u alaikum,

    I have a two year old and a four year old. As an adult who is only learning her religion now, I would use these cards t teach myself the correct terminology regarding wudu and salah. I would use them for my two year old by asking him to put the cards into the correct sequence as he enjoys these sort of activities. With my four year old I would ask her to verbalise the action shown on the card flashed to her.


  42. Salaam,
    I have 3 daughters. I m a working mom (widow)& I have very less time to spend with my daughters. I think this can help my daughters to learn great knowledge. JZK

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