Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alphabet Activity Books

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is an alphabet activity book that children can assemble in class and then take home at the end of the day and/or they can be used in homeschools too insha'Allaah.

Within the book, the teacher/parent-teacher can choose different activities that relate to the letter that is being studied and invite children to do the activities as an extension to the lesson covered in class or these little books can be great school-to-home resources. This will allow parents to see what their child learned in class that day and help him/her continue to practice working with the letter featured in the book.

Teachers/parent-teachers can decide which activities they wish to present to their child(ren) and include them in the book. Above, this is a pattern card and a letter identification board. Both the boards and the game pieces are covered with clear adhesive paper so the children can use stickers to mark the correct letters and they can use the pattern board repeatedly with minimal damage insha'Allaah. This book (pictured above) is more suited to a homeschool setting as it is time consuming to laminate boards for an entire class.

Here, the pieces that relate to the focus of the day are in the book and the remaining pieces are stored in a plastic bag that can be placed inside of the book when done insha'Allaah.

 When children are finished with their books, they pack them away and prepare them for transport home insha'Allaah or for homeschools, the children pack them away to be stored in their designated place insha'Allaah.
To assemble the books is quite easy (if you are not laminating the pieces).

1). You can either print the book template out and glue it to a folder (as pictured) or simply leave it on the printed paper (this is best for classrooms).  Cut the book template out.

2). Fold the book in half along the line and then fold the bottom flap along the dotted line. Glue the bottom flap closed at the ends only to create the pocket.

3). If you are using cards that require matching (like above) glue the game card templates into the book. This way the students know where to place each game piece that must be matched. In this book, the top box (the smallest) has words that are part of our word work this week. A word card is placed in the box and the student must find the card whose picture and sentence matches the word card. But be sure that the child glues the boxes on the correct side of the activity book *smile*.

4). If you choose to glue your book on to cardstock or a similar material you may wish to consider using velcro circles to keep the book closed. If you leave it on the regular printing paper, I do not believe this step is needed.

5). You can mount the activity/game cards on cardstock/cardboard if you wish but this is optional.

These types of books are very easy to make but the assembly time depends on how many activities you include. As I am typing this, I think you can also find these on lapbooking sites too! I do not recall where I've seen a similar type but I remember it was very cute but different from this one.

A quick Google search is sure to turn up good results insha'Allaah and if you'd like to use the template I made for this book, you can download it here (this is a blank template for you to use however you'd like) insha'Allaah. These also compliment the Arabic Letter Post Cards if you use those in your alphabet units.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

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