Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Islamic Storytime Cards

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I made these cards last year for students to use during circle time (and I forgot to share them here subhana'Allaah...*smile*). These Islamic Storytime Cards help children practice public speaking and help children practice new and familiar vocabulary words. They also help children learn to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings appropriately insha'Allaah.

There are 36 cards in this set, each with a different sentence.
Cut out each card and store all cards in any container that is convenient for you insha'Allaah.

On each card an incomplete sentence/thought is presented for a child to complete. These cards focus on Islamic concepts and students are invited to complete sentences such as:

- If I could tell the world one thing about Islaam, it would be....
- When I wear the hijab I....
- The Qur'aan...

Storytime cards can be placed into a bag, box, or container and during circle time students pick a card (one student at a time). If the child(ren) is/are not able to read all of the words on the card, the teacher reads the card for the child. The child keeps the card with him/her while they are verbally continuing the thought/idea on the card. When they have finished speaking, teachers (or parents and siblings in homeschool settings) comment briefly or have a brief discussion on what the student said. The teacher tells each student 'Jazakullaah/Jazakiallaahu khayr for sharing that with us' or something similar to help the student understand that his/her thoughts are appreciated and valued.

These cards can be used in classrooms, homeschools and even weekend Islamic Schools. You can design your own to match the needs of your students insha'Allaah. The cards in this set are intentionally geared toward lower elementary students but many of the prompts can be used with children as old as ten years.

One of the primary things that students must understand is that they are free to express their thoughts and feelings in Islamically appropriate ways. They must know that when they are speaking they will not be interrupted, made fun of, or questioned about why they feel the way they do, think that, etc. When the child is done speaking, if a thought has been expressed that does require correction, this is the teacher's/parent's role and not the other students. Other students may (briefly) contribute their thoughts such as, "I used to feel that way too until I moved to a new school' or something similar.

Storytime cards are excellent ways to incorporate Islaam with literacy in the classroom and the home. Families can take turns picking cards and each family member can continue the sentence/thought/idea on the card and the family can discuss afterward insha'Allaah.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

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  1. As salamu alaykum, I love this blog and have downloaded many things for my children, very beneficial, however this link is not loading properly for me, I am wondering if you could e-mail the file directly or do you have another link I could follow in shaa allah. Umm Musa x

    1. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullaah. Jazakillaahu khayran dear sis Umm Musa for your comment. Insha'Allaah, this issue will be looked into. Please check back in about a day or so insha'Allaah.


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