Monday, December 5, 2011

Quran Centre: Math Work with Surah al-Ikhlas

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This activity idea uses the mathematical concept of sequencing that preschool and kindergartners are familiar with (or will become familiar with during the course of the school year insha'Allaah). 

Children are given sequencing cards for surah al-ikhlas (the cards are in colour in the file and have three different border to choose from. To assemble the cards simply cut out each rectangular card and fold the card down the middle - to get the front and back of the card). Children are invited to read the ayaat on each card (or the teacher/ another student/parent/etc.) and then place the cards in the correct order (i.e. the card with the first ayah of surah al-iklhas is placed to the child's right as the first card in the sequence and so on). 

 The activity has the self-correcting element built in so when the child is done they turn over each card one by one to see if they have completed the activity correctly.

Here the child easily sees that they have incorrectly ordered the cards because the number 3 does not proceed the number 1. At this point the child self corrects. 

All cards have the numbers 1-4 on the back in large print to allow for efficient and easy self-correction. 

At the centre, you can also place a basket that contains a short sequencing activity worksheet (one worksheet for each child) that children can complete to reinforce what was learned (and this can also serve as a concept check/assessment for the teacher).  On the worksheet students have to cut and paste the ayaat of surah al-ikhlas in the correct order. They then have a cut and paste activity where they correctly identify the number of ayaat in the surah.

This activity goes with the activity from this post and is meant to assist teachers in easily changing out the materials in the Quraan centre.

You can download the file here insha'Allaah

What type of math related activities do/would you use in your Quraan/Islaamic Studies centre?


  1. Ya umma Nu'man, have you been able to locate this file? It is very interesting, masha Allah. BaarokalLahu fiiki

    1. Assalamu aliakum

      Jazakillaahu khayr for the reminder. Please see the post - the file has been added.


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