Monday, March 9, 2009

Arabic Calendar Activity: Infants 24 to 36 months

Assalamu alaikum,

This is a simple activity to lay a foundation for several things insha'Allah:
  1. Understanding the passage of time
  2. Sequencing (i.e. on day always follows the other in the same order alhamdulillah)
  3. Numeration
  4. Reading


  • Print the Arabic Calendar set
  • Mount on card stock or poster board
  • Laminate (optional)
  • Buy or make your own blank calendar (these can be bought at school supply stores. I laminate mine so I can use it year after year with minimal wear and tear insha'Allah).
  • Hang the calendar at your child's eye level (this is important)
  • You can use a blank envelope to hold the numbers and days of the week
  • You can change the months and have your little one help insha'Allah. You can use a large manila envelope to store the months of the year insha'Allah.
  • Each day, go with your little one to the calendar (preferably around the same time each day insha'Allah - the earlier the better: i.e. in the morning insha'Allah).
  • Talk about what day it is today and the date
  • Your little one can help put the correct number in its place
  • Don't worry if they get it them pick the correct one and in time they will learn to self-correct and pick the correct day/date insha'Allah.
  • During Ramadan you can use the calendar to plan fun activities with your family and include your little one in the planning insha'Allah

The only difference in the sets is that the dates (the cards) are all the same colour insha'Allah. I've also included 3 blank date cards in case some get misplaced or distroyed.

Arabic Calendar Set 1 - Blue

Arabic Calendar Set 2 - Pink

Arabic Calendar Set 3 - A peach colour

This will insha'Allah help for reading the arabic months and days of the week correctly insha'Allah:

Arabic Months of the Year:



Rabi' al-awwal

Rabi' al-thani

Jumada al-awwal

Jumada al-thani





Dhu al-Qi'dah

Dhu al-Hijjah

Arabic Days of the Week:

yawm al-aḥad

yawm al-ithnayn

yawm ath-thulaathaa

yawm al-arbiʻaaʼ

yawm al-khamīs

yawm al-jumʻa

yawm as-sabt

Arabic Numbers:

If you have any ideas about how to extend this activity please do contribute so that all can benefit insha'Allah. Similarly, if you notice any errors in the Arabic text please let me know insha'Allah. Sometimes when I PDF documents the Arabic text does funny things. Jazakum Allahu Khayran.


  1. Assalamu aliakum,

    I've been thinking about the whole calendar idea for a while now and just haven't gotten to it. Jazaaki Allah khair for this... it cuts the effort ;)
    I also thought about incorporating the weather into it, with little cards in the shape of a sun, clouds, rain, snow, wind, etc. etc. Maybe that can come in as a second step after the intial part is down-pat insha Allah.
    Baarak Allah feeki :)

  2. waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    ohh now that's a great idea masha'Allah! Barak Allahu feki! Do you want me to do them now (i.e. thie week or wait a few months insha'Allah?) Do you think the weather cards should be the same colour as the date cards or white background with graphics insha'Allah?


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