Friday, August 7, 2015

Quran Centre Word Work: Surah Al-Ikhlas

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

After receiving a comment regarding difficulty downloading files from the Quran Centre Word Work posts, I realized that the workbook for suratul Al-Ikhlas was nowhere to be found (on the blog). There are activities for this surah in this post, but there isn't a workbook.

Alhamdulillaah, here is the word work book for suratul Ikhlas

The format of this workbook is slightly different from the others. Like the other workbooks, there is no language/text in the book aside from the ayaat. This is intentional because it allows for flexibility in shaa' Allaah. There are, however, visual instructions to help the students complete the workbook with little assistance (or, as originally intended, in a Quran centre in the [home-shcool] classroom). 

In this workbook, on each page, students will find a picture of a highlighter which tells them that they have to find the word they see in the circle, in the ayah at the top of the page. When students see the picture of the pencil, they know they have to write the word presented or circle the correct answer. For instance, on one page, the students see two words from the surah and they must circle the beginning sound/letter for each word. The picture of the magnifying glass alerts students to the fact that they have to search for the word in the circle, in addition to highlighting it in the ayah. The building blocks tell students that they have to build the word using the letter cut outs on the last page of the workbook. The picture of the book tells students that they have to re-assemble the surah in the correct order (the ayaat strips are also located on the last page of the workbook). 

There is one page of the workbook that, aside from the highlighter icon/picture, has no instructions. This too is intentional. After finding and highlighting the word in the circle on the left hand side of the page (#1 in the picture below), students are supposed to find the letters that make up that word (# 2 in the picture below). You can have students colour the letters or you can use the circle stickers from the Dollar Store (or a store that sells stationary supplies); simply write the Arabic alphabet on them and have students place stickers on the correct answer (# 2 in the picture below). Or you can have students provide the correct answer in another way that you choose. 

In shaa' Allaah, the remaining activities in the book are self-explanatory, but if not, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and ask for clarification. 

You can download the workbook here or above in shaa' Allaah. Also, to date, the following suwar have workbooks:

  1. Al-Fatihah
  2. An-Nas
  3. An-Nasr
  4. Al-Kawthar
  5. Al-Kafiroon
  6. Al-Masad
  7. Al-Falaq
  8. Al-Ma’un
  9. Al-Ikhlas
Benefit & Enjoy In shaa' Allaah!


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