Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Health/Nutrition during Pregnancy

Assalamu alaikum,

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing from Allah. One that is filled with startling, miraculous changes that sometimes inspire awe and other times tears ("I didn't realize it'd gained so much weight!" is a tear inspiring moment for example). There is literally an overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet for the expectant mother. It can be daunting: Who is correct? Which source do you trust?

One of the egroups I belong to sent out a link to a website that was refreshing to see (may Allah reward the sister for sending the link): Healthy They have a section on pregnancy and I'd suggest browsing their many other sections as well insha'Allah. I'd like to suggest visiting their site to expectant Muslim mothers insha'Allah. Here is the link for their pregnancy section: and the link to their website has been added to our "Useful Websites" section alhamdulillah. And even if you're not pregnant still drop by and browse the many other sections that are geared toward a healthier and, insha'Allah, happier, you.

It is very nice to see Muslim doctors and health practitioners taking an active role in the health concerns of the Muslim ummah. This site, in particular, seems geared toward moving Muslims away from prescription drug dependence toward a more holistic heath care management system insha'Allah.

While this blog is dedicated to the proper upbringing of Muslim youth from birth, it must be said that in order for this to happen, they must be protected in the womb first. And how do we do that? Make dua to Allah and tawakal (put your complete trust in Him) and secondly, take care of yourself during pregnancy insha'Allah. As they have so aptly stated on Healthy, your body is an amana (a trust) from Allah. Take care of it insha'Allah.

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