Monday, May 25, 2009

Allah Created... - Nature Walk Activity

Assalamu alaikum,

This activity is not strictly a craft activity but subhana'Allah, the weather has been so nice I couldn't help myself. The activity is called, "Allah Created... - Nature Walk" and goes right along with all of the gorgeous weather Allah has so kindly blessed us with alhamdulillah.

This activity is designed for toddles/twos ages 1-3. Nature walks are quite commonly used to introduce/acquaint children with
the natural world.

What this activity aims to do is connect Allah to the child's understanding of what he/she observes while on a nature walk. The activity also allows the child to contribute his/her own ideas about how we can respect, preserve and respect the Earth insha'Allah.

There are also opportunities for artistic expression as children are invited to colour and add texture to their work insha'Allah.

NOTE: Toddlers & Twos cannot keep pace with an adult (usually) and they tire more quickly. Allow your child(ren) to take you for the nature walk. This means let them set the pace and you follow insha'Allah. Doing this you'll find that the child (and you) will enjoy the walk and tire less quickly insha'Allah.

The directions accompany the activity and I hope your children enjoy it insha'Allah!

Addendum to the directions insha'Allah: In the directions I indicate that you should not tell the child the name of the objects in the pictures. The reason behind this is that the pictures are there to help the child independently identify the objects as they are found in nature insha'Allah. However, you may (and it is encouraged) to tell the child the names of the objects in the pictures as (or after) the child(ren) find the objects during the nature walk insha'Allah. Name the objects quietly and try to keep the atmosphere of the nature walk relatively quiet as this is a sensory experience. Adding too much auditory input tends to distract the child from observation and appreciation.

*Lake picture creative commons copyright by RTPeat


  1. Assalamu aleykum, dear sister! Thank you for your wonderfull blog! It has a lot of activities that can help to raise little muslims!

    A wanted to dowmload the file about nature work, but the link is not working, so if it's not difficult for you - please correct it.

    1. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullaah,

      Jazakillaahu khayra dear sis Anastasiia for your kind words and for bringing the broken link to my attention. In'shaa allaah the link should work now.

      Benefit & Enjoy in'shaa allaah!


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