Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Make your own Board Book insha'Allah!

Assalamu alaikum,

This is an idea that make take some time and a little money (the lowest priced book package I saw was $20 USD) but it seems like it would be fun insha'Allah.

As you've probably heard and do, it's highly recommended that parents read to their children from birth insha'Allah. But as I search online Islamic Bookstores and local bookstores, I have a hard time finding Islamic Board Books. It's great reading to your children (a great way to bond with your little one and it lays a foundation for later reading alhamdulillah), but it be would great to have some Islamic Board Books to read to your little one that are beautifully illustrated and have great stories too insha'Allah.

As I pondered these missing books, I thought, 'maybe I could make one insha'Allah'. Google away! What I found was encouraging alhamdulillah but keep in mind that the website that I will mention is not an endorsement from me (i.e. do some research to make sure you feel safe ordering from this company if you choose to do this project insha'Allah). 

Many parents will tell you that they didn't need a pediatrician to tell them that a large portion of infants' learning occurs through their mouths. Most things they come across end up there even when you would prefer they didn't (smile). Books are no different and the nice thing about Board Books is that they generally withstand the enthusiastic oral exploration that only an infant can deliver. Yes, eventually they will show signs of meltdown after a number of good sucking sessions but overall they outlast paperbacks and hardback books alhamdulillah. 

But I won't keep you wondering any longer insha'Allah. How do you make a Board Book? The site that I found (and hope to order a kit from soon insha'Allah), called Blank Slate Board Books says that their Board Book kit contains the board book (blank) and a CD with templates that you can use with their books to make the pictures fit the pages insha'Allah. All you have to do is know how to use programs like MS Word, Powerpoint, etc. and then you print the pictures you choose (i.e. clipart or paintings by you, your toddler and/or other members of your family perhaps) on the sticky back paper they provide in your kit insha'Allah. Once printed you peel off the back and stick your page in where you'd like it and you have your own personalized Board Book.

I've started painting some pictures to try it out (and believe me, I'm no artist - not by any stretch of the imagination) but so far so good and it's fun! Here's what I've done so far:

Insha'Allah, I'll order a kit and see what happens and hopefully insha'Allah, I can upload pictures of the final project insha'Allah.

By the way, I did find one Islamic Board Book the other day published by Dar-us-Salam and one or two others not published by Dar-us-Salam but they contained some information that was Islamically incorrect if I am not mistaken and waAllahu alim. The Board Book that Dar-us-Salam publishes is called My Arabic Number Book and I saw on their site that they have My Arabic Alphabet Book too masha'Allah. If you know of any other Islamic Board Books please do share insha'Allah!

If you decide to try it I'd love to see (and post it here to share, with your permission insha'Allah) your Islamic Board Book. Enjoy insha'Allah!

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