Monday, July 13, 2009

Make your own Islamic Sewing Cards

Assalamu alaikum,

You know those nifty Sewing Cards that we use so often to help children refine/practice their fine motor skills? Well, why not make your own Islamic Sewing Cards? After a long absence, I've taken a few moments to post this wonderful summer craft idea that is great for road trips or just giving the kids some quiet time. And why restrict them to summer? Use them all year round insha'Allah!

Sewing cards give children time to focus on an activity that is repetitive and calming. The repetition gives them practice at mastering a skill and they will need to settle themselves (internally) and focus because of the fine motor skills required. Sewing cards are also used with children who express an interest in learning how to sew. No matter what you use the cards for, an extension to an Islamic activity you've just taught, a road trip activity or just a quiet time activity, your child will benefit in several ways insha'Allah. Among the benefits are: the use of sewing cards helps children work on their fine motor and finger skills - both of which are important for later use in writing and drawing insha'Allah. And more importantly, seeing their religion represented in everyday activities reinforces the universality of Islam and fosters their sense of belonging insha'Allah.

What I've done is give you some shapes/pictures to get you started in making your own Islamic Sewing Cards insha'Allah. Download the shapes/pictures here insha'Allah and the directions are below insha'Allah.

What you'll need insha'Allah:

  • Cardboard or Card Stock
  • Islamic Pictures/Images (download here insha'Allah)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Blunt needle or tape
  • Hole-punch

How to make Islamic Sewing Cards:
  1. Find some cardboard or card stock that is durable and the size you will need for the shape/picture insha'Allah.
  2. Cut out the picture/shape that you would like to use insha'Allah
  3. Glue the shape/picture onto the card board and cut the cardboard or card stock around the image.
  4. Use a hole-punch/paper-punch to make evenly spaced holes around the edge of the shape/picture. Make sure the spaces are far enough apart to allow your child's hands to manipulate the needle through the holes insha'Allah.
  5. Cut a piece of yarn so it will be long enough to be stitched around the edge of the entire shape/picture insha'Allah.
  6. Thread the piece of yarn through a blunt needle (or you can tape the end of the yarn that the child will put through the holes insha'Allah).
Show your child how to do the activity and once they engage in it, move away and allow them to focus and enjoy insha'Allah!

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