Friday, August 28, 2009

Ramadan Craft # 8: Mini Majlis (Sitting Area)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Insha'Allah you've been having an excellent Ramadan so far and insha'Allah, your children have been enjoying this blessed month as well.

We hadn't planned to do much posting during this blessed month but this craft is sooo cute that we couldn't help but share it with you insha'Allah. Masha'Allah, sister Umm Abdul Basir and her family have really outdone themselves this time!

You would have to do much of the work on this project, however, your little one can chip in and glue, place the furniture, etc. or whatever else you feel he/she is capable of insha'Allah. In the end, we think that your child will certainly enjoy playing with this mini majlis insha'Allah.

But on to this great craft project insha'allah. Umm Abdul Basir and her girls have made a mini majlis (sitting area) and it's just gorgeous masha'Allah! Have a look:

And books too masha'Allah!

Here's what they used:

- a cardboard box
- felt
- Popsicle sticks
- Cereal boxes
- cotton
- beads
- white paint
- hot glue gun (an alternative can be fabric glue)

See how to make it (and more great pictures) by stopping by her blog and enjoy insha'Allah!

**All pictures copyright 2009 Umm Abdul Basir**

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