Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ramadan Extra: Keeping The Family Organized As You Prepare For Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum,

This article is from a guest-contributor, Umm Abdul Basir, who kindly shares her tips and methods for keeping a busy household running smoothly as they prepare for the Blessed month of Ramadan.

As we've been trying to get our own families ready for the Blessed month of Ramadan, we were struck with a sense of awe and amazement at our dear sister Umm Abdul Basir. This sister has 6 children masha'Allah and keeps a wonderful blog that chronicles her homeschooling experience. She also shares many freebies on her blog as well...barak Allahu feeha.

As we (my co-blogger and I) talked about this, one question kept coming up, "How does she do it?!" So, we decided to ask her and here we'd like to share her response. Jazakillahu Khayr dear sister Umm Abdul Basir for sharing your insight and methods for keeping the busy household running and organized. Enjoy the article dear sisters.

Keeping it All Together

First it's by the will of Allah that I am able to do so much. Secondly it's the patience I must practice in order to get it all going smoothly, and thirdly it's alot of sacrifice to be able to teach ALL my children.I feel I am still young and have alot of spunk left in me, *smile*. Since I am fairly new to Islam still (5 yrs now,Alhamdulilah) I am so hungry for knowledge and teaching my children as I learn as well.

Having six children or one child is no different, as they all are different and take as little or as much time from your daily duties as they want. *smile* I come from a large family myself, so this is nothing new to me. I believe its all about order,and utilizing whatever help you have whether it be family,or your own children. Myself personally, I utilize the help of my eldest children ages fourteen and twelve. My husband works many late hours and has only one day off a week so we have all day to pull our house together as well as get out studies in.

How we keep it together in my household? A typical day is waking up for fajr of course, this is the start of our day. Preparing breakfast before the little ones awake,they can be quite demanding in the morning. *smile* We start our studies for the day before the little ones take over, if we don't do this at this time, we will have a hard time fitting it in later,insha Allah. 8 am comes and 3 little walking feet approach the kitchen. We do our morning clean up and clean little ones up for the day, insha Allah. My eldest get the little ones set up for their morning studies while I take care of the new baby. This is my time to check email as well,teehee. I have a set time for everything first off so we don't get thrown off. We all work together as a team in order to have some free time at the end of the day, insha Allah. We don't leave our house much that's why we are able to get so many crafts done, masha Allah.

The big girls have some of their studies online, so this is the time I take to work with the little ones and by 5pm we are off to dinner prep, if I feed them too early they will be begging me for more to eat at bedtime. Depending on the day, they may go to the park with Abi or they will be able to have their own free time, which they really don't do much of since they always want to learn, masha Allah. They keep me on my feet, that's for sure. I Thank Allah for allowing me the strength,patience, and ability to be able to do all I do.

Ramadan preparations have gotten our house crazy these days, but I stay up late hours anyway since the new baby likes the stay alert at these times. I take this time to have his abi watch him while I pull together ideas as well as recipes or work on the computer, daily lesson plans, whatever it is I need to do extra while the little ones all sleep. In Bed by 1 am and since I am up a few times a night with the baby, I am used to little sleep, insha Allah that will change in a few months. We plan on focusing on Islamic Studies during the Month of Ramadan insha Allah, printing activities as well as setting up lessons for the books we plan on reading during the month insha Allah.

And truly, alhamdulillah.

Jazakillahu Khayr dear sister Umm Abdul Basir!

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  1. Assalamu 'alaykum

    Masha'Allah, this is so inspiring sister. May Allah swt grant you even more strength and patience. You do a lot mashaAllah, makes me with three kids don't feel as if all my time is taken by the kids when I read that sisters like you have much more and they accomplish it alhamdulillah. JazakaAllah khair.


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