Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Arabic Letter Felt Block

Assalamu alaikum,

This little craft will have to made by ummi because it's for the wee ones (smile).

What You'll need insha'Allah:

- Hot glue gun
- Felt in different colours
- Cube Template (I just googled and used an image/template that I felt was large enough insha'Allah)
- Foam shapes (optional)
- Stick pins (the kind you use to hold a pattern down when you're sewing)
- Scissors
- Poster Board

How you make it insha'Allah;

1. Print the block/cube template. With tape, lightly tape it to a poster board. Cut out the pattern. Leave the tape on for now insha'Allah. You'll remove it in a bit insha'Allah.

2. Pin the pattern to the felt insha'Allah (it should be the original paper pattern still taped to the poster board pattern you just cut out insha'Allah). Remove the tape one square at a time and re-pin the block pattern to the felt. Cut the pattern out. Cut the felt pattern a bit larger than the poster board pattern (you can trim it later insha'Allah but if you don't do this you will see some of the white poster board peeking out when you put the cube together).

3. With the hot glue gun, one block at a time, remove the pins and glue the felt to the poster board block pattern.

4. Assemble the cube (but not with the glue gun - just see if it goes together fine insha'Allah) and here you will trim the extra felt on the edges if needed insha'Allah.

5. If all is well insha'Allah, use the hot glue gun to assemble the block. Do this one side at a time and for the top of the block, glue the inside of the cube, not the pattern itself because it will be difficult to insert it into the inside of the block without burning yourself (believe me - I did it and burned my fingers...ouch!...hehe).

6.  With a sharpie pen or marker, on the felt (or foam), draw the Arabic letters you want on your cube insha'Allah. Remember to draw them backward so when you apply the hot glue to the side with the marker on it, you will have the letter facing the right direction insha'Allah.

7. Cut the letters out and glue them to your block/cube. You're done insha'Allah!

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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