Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shapes Game for Toddlers

Assalamu alaikum,

I put together this game for toddlers (and kindergarteners) to learn their shapes insha'Allah. I intentionally did not put the names of the shapes on the game cards so that the cards can be used regardless of what language the toddler is being taught in insha'Allah. I designed the game to be one that the toddler can be an active participant in with his/her family (and get some learning in all at the same time (smile)) insha'Allah.

Here is the game insha'Allah and the directions for play are under the photos insha'Allah:

The Game Cards (front and back view)

The Game Pieces

How to play insha'Allah:

1 - Get all of the game cards and place them face down in a stack on the floor or in a basket insha'Allah. For older toddlers and Kindergarteners, I recommend printing two sets of game cards and maybe two sets of game pieces too insha'Allah. However, if the child is just learning their shapes, print only one set to eliminate confussion and/or frustration insha'Allah.


2 - Place the game pieces face up on the floor insha'Allah.

3 - Each player takes turns picking a card from the basket (or stack). He/she has to find the shape from among the pieces on the floor that matches the shape on the back of the card he/she has selected insha'Allah.

For young toddlers you can invite them to pick a card and then you name the shape on their card insha'Allah. Invite the toddler to find the shape from among the game pieces on the floor. If he/she picks the wrong shape simply say, "Jazakum Allahu khayr. That is a ______ (whatever shape they picked). Please find the _______ (whatever shape is on the card they have) insha'Allah". If the child is having difficulty, invite the child to place the shape game piece onto the shape on the back of the game card and see if they match insha'Allah. *Note: for toddlers around 15 months (or older) who are just being introduced to shapes, it is a good idea to start with two or three shapes (including the cards) at first and add more as the child becomes more skilled with the activity insha'Allah.

For older toddlers and kindergarteners you can make the game more challenging by requiring that they name the shape in addition to finding the correct game piece that matches their card insha'Allah.

4 - If the player picks the correct shape, he/she gets to keep his/her card insha'Allah. They return the shape game piece to the floor insha'Allah. If they pick the incorrect shape game piece they must return the card to the stack insha'Allah and place the game piece back on the floor among the others. The game ends when all shapes have been picked correctly and there are no more cards to pick from. (This step is recommended for children 3 years and older insha'Allah. For children under 3, decide what you and your child are comfortable with as far as what happens to the card when they pick the correct game piece insha'Allah).

To make the game I printed the game cards out and mounted them on poster board material. I then glued the shapes onto the back of the game cards. I printed a second set of shapes and mounted those on poster board material too. I laminated the cards and game pieces so that they last longer insha'Allah.

Here are the files for the game insha'Allah:

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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