Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rizq: Fruit Bingo

Assalamu alaikum,

Here is another game for the Riqz theme: Fruit Bingo. The objecive of the activity is to learn that rizq (provisions) come from Allah Alone and for children to become familar with the spellings of common fruits insha'Allah. Accompanying the game is a sample lesson plan about teaching children that the rizq comes from Allah and after learning this concept insha'Allah, children can play this familiar game and work on identifying/naming fruits insha'Allah.

Control of Error is built into this activity in the following way insha'Allah: Each box has the name of a fruit and in the bottom corner of the box, there is a picture of that fruit to help the child if they cannot read the name quickly (or at all) this way they can still play the game insha'Allah.

To play, a parent/teacher says the name of a fruit. The child, who has circular fruit chips, looks for the correct fruit and places it in the box of the fruit that was just called out. There are more chips than boxes for a specific reason: each child will have the same card insha'Allah but the parent will give each child different chips - but making sure they have the chips they need to match all fruits insha'Allah. To win the game, the child has to get four in a row, across, down or diagonal.

Dowload Rizq: Fruit Bingo Game insha'Allah

Dowload Riqz min Allah Lesson Plan insha'Allah

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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