Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowy Day Activities For The Little Ones

Assalamu alaikum,

I'm working on simple activities for the little ones that relate to the fantastic landscape that awaits them outside alhamdulillah. So far, this first activity has been a hit alhamdulillah. I just made 10 snowballs out of yarn (that only took about 20-30 minutes alhamdulillah). I used yarn because infants and toddlers, up until about 18 months old, put most things that are in their hand into their mouth. The yarn snowballs are too large for the mouth insha'Allah and can't be swollowed insha'Allah.

I then covered a can with solid blue paper. With a work mat (to delineate work space), sit with the child on the floor. Tell the child that you will put a snowball into the can and demonstrate this by placing one or two snowballs into the can. Invite the child to place a snowball into the can. The child (ages 12 -15 months) picks up a snowball one at a time and drops it into the can.

I added language and math to this activity by counting aloud each time he/she puts a snowball into the can. This way, the child becomes familiar with the numbers and also increases vocabulary insha'Allah. I also added a little fun to the activity by doing something special when the child placed the 10th snowball in the can (i.e. a hug, an enthusiastic 'jazakum Allahu khayr!', etc.).  It's amazing how the child anticipates the number 10 and starts giggling even before they put the snowball into the can..hehe.

This activity is for the older tots (24 months and older). Place the snowflake number cards in a basket and the child can go to the activity and take the cards out, line them up and place the appropriate number of yarn snowballs under the corresponding numbers insha'Allah.

The third activity is a counting activity also. You need an empty, clean egg carton box. Cut off the last two compartments for 1-10 counting activities such as this one. With a black marker (or you can buy those blank circle stickers and write the numbers on them and stick them into the bottom of the compartments insha'Allah), write the numbers 1-10 in each compartment (one number per compartment). The child then places one snowball in each compartment and says aloud the number he/she see in the compartment they are working with at that moment (or the teacher/parent) can do the counting insha'Allah.

Insha'Allah, I'll post a few more snowy activities later in the week and there will be a small colouring book included insha'Allah.

Here are the snowflake counting cards I used (there are Arabic and English number cards insha'Allah).

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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