Monday, January 18, 2010

Activity: Exploring the Properties of Magnets

Assalamu alaikum,

This magnet activity from a while back has suddenly made a comeback. When I noticed the renewed interest in it, I put it on a cookie tray and placed it on the table and moved away.

It was used for about 20 minutes straight - in complete focused silence. I was amazed and delighted because lately I feel like I want to move away from paper and glue crafts and more to hands on activities insha'Allah. As I sat back watching, I realized that it was the magnets, of course, that were the main attraction of the activity so I decided that the next opportunity I had, I'd run out and get things to make more magnets insha'Allah. The other thing is I noticed that the placement of the magnets, which show different positions of the salat, was being done with thoughtfulness and deliberation. So that presented me with a challenge....what activity could I make where I can incorporates magnets with Islam? Well, I haven't come up with any ideas just yet (at least none that I have the supplies for...hehe) but I decided that in the meantime insha'Allah, I'd still try to make an activity that can be used to encourage a continued exploration of the properties of magnets insha'Allah. Here is what I made alhamdulillah (preschool and kindergarten children can make the background scene themselves insha'Allah):

The activity completed
(an example of how it could be done insha'Allah)

The activity ready to be used insha'Allah

The activity with the felt ladybug removed and ready for the child to place along the felt grass where he/she wishes insha'Allah.

I decided upon a nice garden scene largely because most of the other wooden pieces (needed to make the magnets) I found at the store either had faces on them or were inappropriate (I'm shocked at some of the things that are marketed to be used by children). In the end, I put the scene on a piece of construction paper and glued different elements into the scene.

I made some of the pieces from foam and others from felt (the grass and one of the ladybugs is felt) or a combination (like the sun magnet).

To make the magnets I just bought some small wooden painted pieces and attached craft magnets to the backs with a hot glue gun.

I'm excited to see how this activity is received insha'Allah. I wonder if it will be another 20 minutes of focused fun insha'Allah....

Enjoy insha'Allah!


  1. not sure if you do awards or not but I sent you one as I love your blog

  2. Alhamdulillah...alhamdulillah. That is so very kind of you @home. Um...for the award....did you send it to my email? I'm somewhat new to blogging so I haven't figured it all out just yet (smile). Again, jazakillahu khayr for your thoughtfulness and kindness.


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