Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silhouette Cards for Fruits and Vegetables from

Assalamu alaikum,

I thought I'd share this exciting find with you all insha'Allah. It complements the latest Recommended Book: Up, Down and Around. These are Silhouette Fruit and Vegetable Cards that are a free download from!

They even give you the template for the box to store them in! (That took me a while to put

These cards (those were easy to put together alhamdulillah), are a fun extension to use with the book, Up, Down and Around, or any great picture book about fruits and/or vegetables insha'Allah. The back of the cards have silhouettes of a fruit or vegetable and the child is invited to guess which fruit or vegetable that silhouette belongs to. 

And....when you print out the directions to assemble the cards and box, an answer key/chart comes with it but don't throw it away! It's small but you can do so much with it even if your child doesn't need it. Here are just a few ideas that come to mind alhamdulillah:

- Make a lift-the-flap book for an infant. First they see the silhouette and then they lift the flap to reveal the fruit that the silhouette belongs to insha'Allah.

-  Make a mini/travel size memory game to take in the car to give the kids some fun on the way to your destination insha'Allah. The children can turn all of the cards over and try to find the fruit and its matching silhouette insha'Allah.

- If you use the game in your class, put the game in a centre and laminate the answer chart for students to use as a control (i.e. they check their answers with the chart) insha'Allah.

Lots more I'm sure insha'Allah but I won't keep you in suspense insha'Allah. Okay, maybe just a bit longer...hehe...but it's for a good reason. The Canon Creative Park site has sooo many neat free downloads in areas like science, vehicles, crafts, and more! And, the site is in French, Dutch and a few other languages subhana'Allah. Okay, I'm finished doing PR for Canon...hehe. You can download the game here insha'Allah.

Oh yes! If you can, print the box on cardstock insha'Allah. That way it's more durable insha'Allah.

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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