Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Opposites and Sizes: Games & Mini-Book

Assalamu alaikum,

These games are designed to teach opposites and sizes or supplement a lesson about opposites and sizes insha'Allah. And....There's a French version for the flashcards too alhamdulillah (the mini-book is only in English). I've gotten numerous emails asking for my materials to be translated in French so I'm making an effort to do so whenever possible. I can't guarantee that it will be often (smile) but as much I can I will do my best to provide English, Arabic and French versions of the games/activities/etc. here on my blog insha'Allah.

Here is the first game insha'Allah:

This is a sequencing mat with a winter theme. I've built in control of error by placing white boxes under each hat that corresponds with its size. This will allow the child to self-correct should he/she place the wrong piece beneath one of the hats in the top row.

The first side requires the child to line up the hats from smallest to biggest (as you can see, I did it backwards...hehe).

When the child correctly completes the mat, he/she turns the mat over and puts the hats in order from biggest smallest insha'Allah.

This mat can be given to the child to work on independently insha'Allah after he/she has had a lesson on sizes insha'Allah. *Note: On my mat I have the child working from right to left because Arabic is read from right to left. Having the child work in the right to left direction builds skills needed for reading proficiency because it helps them get accustomed to tracking text on the page insha'Allah. If you are teaching your child(ren) in English or another language that is read from left to right, begin your picture line from left to right and have the child work in that direction insha'Allah.*

This is the second game insha'Allah:

Children can use the cards as flashcards (these cards are in Arabic, English and French alhamdulillah) but I prefer to use the cards for a kinesthetic learning experience insha'Allah. Here's how:

- Give each child a different card. Have the children walk around to find the student who has the card that matches the card they have in their hand insha'Allah. When students have located their matching cards have them sit together and write a small story about the picture on the cards they have. For example, if the children have the picture of the igloo, they can write a short story (this can be a picture story with one or two words depending on the age and ability level of the child(ren) insha'Allah). Invite them to colour their story and share it with the class or family insha'Allah.

- Place all of the cards on a work mat (as pictured above). Place the cards on the mat randomly, making sure the matching cards are as far from one another as possible. Invite the child to match the cards and then invite the child to talk about why each set of cards are opposites even though the picture on them is the same.

- Print two copies of the cards. Cut out and laminate each set. With the first set, make a poster showing the cards matched properly insha'Allah. Place velcro on each picture on the poster and on the back of the second set of cards insha'Allah. Invite the child to place the cards on the poster correctly insha'Allah.

There is a small mini-book to go along with the opposites cards alhamdulillah. I didn't have a chance to print it out but you can download the file here insha'Allah. There is also an opposites worksheet to go with the book too insha'Allah. You can download it below insha'Allah.

Here are all of the files insha'Allah:

Enjoy insha'Allah!


  1. Subhana Allah, very interesting activities! Jazaki Allahu khairan!

    I'm feeling very ashamed to ask you something, because you always work hard and I don't want to give you an annoyance. Can you make the "Winter Themed opposite cards with hats included" in italian language insha Allah?! I can help you for the translation...

    short = basso
    tall = alto
    small = piccolo
    big = grande
    narrow = stretto
    wide = largo
    tiny = minuscolo
    enormous = enorme

    So, you if can make this I'm very happy but if you cannot...subhana Allah, I'm happy in the same way!!! *smile*

    Barak'Allahu fiki.

  2. Ohhh! I'd be happy to do that for you dear sis Mujahida. How exciting! Insha'Allaah, I'll try to upload the Italian version for you this evening. Barak Allahu feeki for the translation *smile*

  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    Wa feki barakallaah. Alhamdulillah, I added the file. Please tell me if I made any mistakes. Jazakillahu Khayr *smile*

  4. Wa aleikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ukhti.

    Subhana Allah, I'm moved...barak'Allahu fiki! Al hamdu lillah I've posted it on my homeschooling blog!

    Homeschooling in Italia - Grandezze e Contrari

    Grazie (thank you, in italian language)!!!

  5. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Ya ukht Mujahida you are so very welcome. It was done with pleasure for the sake of Allaah. Barak Allaahu feki for the translations ((Hug)).

    I saw your post masha'Allaah. I can figure out some words but not all..hehe... Jazakillahu Khayr dear sis!


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