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Transportation Theme: Guest Post

Assalamu alaikum,

Today, I am so happy to have a guest blogger:
Umm Maimoonah! Jazakillahu Khayr dear sis Umm Maimoonah for sharing Maimoonah's exciting time with Transportation. She made it all look so beautiful masha'Allah! And Maimoonah, wa iyaki and barak Allahu feki and a BIG HUG from Aunty Umm An-Nu'man!

Read on: I think you all will enjoy this insha'Allah!

Away We Go Insha Allaah!
by guest guest blogger Umm Maimoonah

Alhamdulillaah! Here is how Maimoonah enjoyed her “Home School” activities on the theme “Transportation” done by my dear sister Umm Nu’maan. May Allaah bless her and her family and grant her the highest position in Jannah Aameen. She has indeed been a great help masha Allaah.

We started off by seeing a power point presentation on transportation. She enjoyed this and while watching, I explained to her that Transportation is a blessing from Allaah so that people could travel from one place to another. She memorized this and started saying “Transport is needed to travel to one place to another”. Then also I told her that Allaah has blessed Abi with a car which is a mode of transportation so that we could travel and explained to her to make shukr to Allaah. She said “Oh Allaah thank you for the car”.

Then we got on to the process of printing and putting together the beautiful Qaamoos and here is how it looked , masha Allaah. I printed it out on thin board as I do not have to laminate insha Allaah.

We read the Qaamoos together and she already knew some of the names of the vehicles and she was thrilled to hear them again in Arabic masha Allaah.

Then she coloured all the pictures, seems like she likes yellow colour as she wanted all to be coloured in yellow, lol. I told her “Aunty Umm Nu’man” has coloured in different colours so it will be nice if you could use colours like that”. She said ok for a while and got back to yellow again! Here you can see her in action Insha Allaah.

Then we cut the pictures out and she applied glue and we pasted the pictures to make “Away we go” A Colour and Learn Book. She enjoys applying glue like this……….

Then we pasted and made the book and it looks like this Masha Allaah!

Then we read the book together.

Usually she loves reading and keeping things in mind and does not enjoy board games. This time I tried something new. Her Abi had taught her about Magnets, how it attracts and runs away. And [he] bought her magnets with circle shapes to play on her small white board. So I printed out the sheets and kept it on her white board and gave her the magnets with the game pieces and Masha Allaah she liked it so much the rest of the week too she was matching on her own. Here is how she did that!

She tried doing The “Qitaar” puzzle but it was a bit difficult for her so she wanted me to do it and she had a wooden puzzle on Transportation, so she did that!

Finally she gathered all her toys of Transportation and went on a travel with her stuffed toys Masha Allaah! And here I taught her the dua what we should recite when mounting on to a vehicle. This is from one of the the books from the “Learn About Series for Children”, by Daarul Kitaab .

Here is Maimoonah saying “Away we go Insha Allaah”!

One thing that we did not do yet is the Matching the Arabic words with the Pictures. I am still in the process of introducing the words and in another couple of weeks Insha Allaah she will be able to recognize the words and will match [them].

Today she asked me to match the pieces on to the Game Board and masha Allaah she was telling me all the Arabic Terms for the Vehicles and asking me to match, when I did that she said “Very Good Ummi, Ahsanti”. Lol!

I am so glad that at the end of the day all the hard work of sister Umm Nu’maan has produced goodness masha Allaah. Dear sis May Allaah reward you with great khayr for all your efforts. Oh before I forget Maimoonah says a BIG Jazzakillaah Khayr and Hugs to Aunty Umm Nu’man”.

I hope and pray that all the other sisters too would benefit from this Insha Allaah and enjoy learning as much as we did!

Umm Maimoonah


  1. Beautiful! Very proud of u Maimoonah, and keep up the good work sis. Hugs!

  2. Ahsanti Maimoonah! habibty! May knowledge give you joy ya Bint Abdullaah! May Allaah reward your parents and Umm Nu'man,for their efforts with Abundant Blessings in this world and the next . Allaahumma Aameen! Was-salaam! Your Aunty Shafeeka! xx


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