Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check it Out: Gymboree's Parents Guide to Play

Assalamu alaikum,

This is a nice resource for parents to have on hand to provide fun, developmentally appropriate (but not all Islamcially appropriate) activities for children birth to two and a half years old. I would recommend this if you have a really young infant, otherwise, many of the activities will be those that you've probably heard and/or read about already.

From the book:
More than 170 activities to stimulate imaginations, expand vocabularies, build skills, and much more!

Here is an activity that we did that was an adaptation of one of the activities in the book:

I really thought that this activity was not going to produce much excitement (or that it would be ignored) but, I was shocked when the squeals of laughter kept coming each time a car was sent into the tunnel and came speeding out the other end. Subhana'Allah, simple pleasures...

You can buy the book by clicking on it in the box below or the next time you're at the library...Check it out insha'Allah!

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