Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Together We Read update

Assalamu aliakum,

Sis Umm Sara and sis Umm Maimoonah have made an excellent suggestion: they've ask that I announce which books will be used for "Together We Read" ahead of time so those who wish to use the same book will have ample time to locate the book. No problem at all insha'Allah! (smile). I'll announce the book for June on May 31st insha'Allah. Is that enough time? Let me know, and if not, I can post it earlier insha'Allah.

I thought about that but didn't want to seem as if I was imposing the book I chose on anyone..hehe.

I'll also leave the Mr. Linky open longer for those who are trying to find "Where's That Cat?" I know it's on Amazon.com (see the box below) but insha'Allah, you're local library can locate it for you.

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