Monday, September 27, 2010

Arabic Letters Postcard Activity

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Like many teachers, each year I usually send home a classroom newsletter that lets parents/guardians know what we will be doing the upcoming week in class insha'Allah. Hmm...little grey cells working again alhamdulillah....

I think this idea may be a way to accomplish several things at one time (at least in one area of the curriculum) insha'Allah: 1). Writing practice, colouring, word/picture association 2). Learning the names of family members/their titles and the proper way to spell them 3). Learning to correctly print and spell your own name - the child that is...hehe 3). Teaching children the proper way to address a letter (this is part of the kindergarten curriculum in many places too) 4). Increasing Arabic word vocabulary 5). And it's a cute way to keep parents informed about what their child is learning. So this idea? Arabic Letter postcards:

The front of the postcard which the child will colour insha'Allah.
This shows the letter we are learning this week and some words that begin with this letter.

The back, which has pre-printed text for children who are not at the composing stage yet. This one has a family members title already inserted but children get one with a blank line and they will write the person's name/title on the line (or teacher/parent can write what the child dictates) insha'Allah.
For homeschooling, this idea works in much the same way except the postcards can be mailed to extended family members insha'Allah. Now won't people be surprised to get a postcard in the mail from the little one? Maybe insha'Allah...I think so....well I hope so!

We also completed a multi-sensory activity for the letter zay - a harf zay mobile with foam flowers (zahrah) .

Give children a large construction paper letter zay and some foam flowers. For the glue, the parent can put the glue onto the back of each flower and then let the child glue each flower onto the letter zay whereever they please insha'Allah.

Tomorrow, insha'Allah, we will being doing a craft with buttons (zirr) to continue our study of the letter zay. Hmm...I wonder if I can locate some different carpet (zarbeyah) squares to make texture circles (there is a reason they will be circles *smile*) for children to explore insha'Allah.

As for the postcards, insha'Allah, each week/month I will make a postcard to correspond to the letter we are learning. These will be completed and mailed out insha'Allah (if the poste service here allows that insha'Allah...but we'll try insha'

If you happen to be teaching your child the letter zay...poste away insha'Allah!

Here's the file: Postcard: Harf Zay

Enjoy insha'Allah!


  1. As Salaamu Alaykum! I LOVE this! Covering all the letters would be wonderful! This is so neat to share with our family and even other homeschooling children our children may be friends with. Jazakallahu Khair! *hugs*

  2. assalamu alaikum,

    what a nice idea mashaAllah.

    If you are covering letter Zay, would you be able to make postcards for the previous letters in the alphabet too :P
    We are working on different forms of letters (one letter each week) I would like to use the post card idea as it is something very interesting for the kids.
    jazakhAllahu khayr!

  3. Sister Saara from Ummah Reads had posted about using a mailbox to encourage reading and writing at home. This will be a great idea for little tots to drop for parents and older siblings. Thanks again to your great grey cells Umm An-Nu'man.

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Great Idea as usual! Jazzakillaah Khayr!

  5. Assalamu aliakum wa rahmatullah,

    Wa iyakum wa Jazakum Allahu Khayran dear sisters.

    Sis Umm Abdul Basir: what a great idea for pen pals with other homeschooled children.

    Sis Umm Sara: Sis, I do not teach the letters in order (i.e. alif, baa, taa) because there are similarities in the letters that may introduce confusion to the children as far as recognition is concerned. Baa, taa, and thaa are very similar in appearance as are Jeem, Haa, and Khaa.

    So far we've covered meem and sheen. Would you like for me to post those postcards insha'Allah?

    Sis Muslim Learning Garden: Jazakillahu Khayr. I had not seen that. I read the article and masha'Allah, great idea! Make dua' for me and my grey cells...hehe.

    Sis Umm Maimoonah: Alhamdulillah wa wa iyaki!

  6. MashaAllah....barakallahu feeki!

  7. Sis,i understand when you say kids get confused when letters are taught in order, is there any tried and tested order that you follow, pls advise

    1. Assalamu alaikum,

      Sis MubMaj, jazakillaahu khayran for your comment. When teaching letter recognition (in Arabic or in English), the method that is used is to teach letters together that are dissimilar. For example, we do not teach Ha (ح), Kha (خ), and Jeem (ج) together because they are so similar that children easily confuse them. So, you might teach alif (أ) and ba (ب) together because they are not similar and cannot be confused. Does this help, sis? If not, let us know; we will be happy to provide more information insha'Allaah.


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