Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Smart Ark Giveaway!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I decided to combine the last two Smart Ark giveaways into one amazing one! I realized that two of the products are great for kids that are older than the target age range of this blog so I thought those sisters who have children older than five might enjoy getting a gift for them too insha'Allaah.

Have a look insha'Allaah (I think you'll love it insha'Allaah!):

For the younger children:

A delightful colouring book...this is just wonderful masha'Allaah! 

And for the older children:

A beautiful journal masha'Allaah!

 Sample pages

And...bookmarks to go with that beautiful journal!

Aren't those gorgeous?! Masha'Allaah!

This amazing giveaway opens today, Wednesday, October 20th, and will close Sunday, October 24, 2010, at midnight Google time, insha'Allaah. To enter, just leave a comment briefly mentioning how you would encourage your children to journal and why you think it is a good habit to introduce to children and please make dua' for Smart Ark insha'Allaah!

Enjoy insha'Allaah! and Barak Allahu Feekum Smart Ark!


  1. Alhamdulillah we have a few SmartArk books, they are wonderful teaching and learning tool. Adore their "for Mom" line too :)

  2. MashaAllah,this looks so nice...Jazaki Allahu khair for all of your wonderful contributions and ideas sister!

  3. mashaAllaah, another beautiful give-away, baarakAllahu feekum! I think I'd encourage my children to journal as a way of storing away beautiful, happy memories as they grow inshaAllaah and also to keep alive the art of penmanship which seems to be dying away with the use of the technology at our hands. For me,keeping a journal is a great way to reflect and I hope to pass that on to my kids inshaAllaah too.

    Umm Muhammad Saalih

  4. EEDIYA hehehe
    Jazaki Allah khayr for the chance to win.
    Please count me in.
    Umm M and R

    (ehalaqa at yahoo dot ca but please delete the email once you the giveaway)

  5. Salaam sister,
    Another wonderful give away, may it bring benefits to the person who receives it! Ameen.
    I think its a wonderful idea to make children journal write because it allows them to express their thoughts and feelings. Also allows them to have a sense of free writing and expressing oneself.
    It something that doesn't consist of many things, yet it can have endless possibilities (creativity).
    Keep up the good work sister.
    Slave of Allah

  6. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Masha Allaah everything looks so interesting! Hope to shop at Smart Ark soon Insha Allaah!

  7. As Salaamu Alaykum, Oooh...I love this giveaway! My Lil Missy would absolutely adore this set, especially now that she knows how to read and write! I encourage my children to journal as it's a way to open their imaginations and improve their writing abilities. May Allah Reward you and smart ark with good for sharing such wonderful learning aids and resources,Ameen! *hugs*

  8. assalamu alaikum,

    mashaAllah wonderful set for kids. My kids love coloring, they are not able to keep a journal yet though : )
    May Allah reward you abundantly for all your efforts.

  9. Salaams,
    I love the look of the Smart Ark products. I encourage my children to journal (5 kids aged from 5 to 10 years old and no multiple births!!) by allowing them to write freely and I do not correct their journals. I view these books are personal to my children, so I do not like to go over them with the red pen and "mark" their work. They can freely express themselves and gain confidence in their writing without fear of making a mistake.
    May Allah help the Smart Ark company to grow from strength to strength, and I pray that community support this great business, Ameen.

  10. these books are nice mashAllah, inshAllah will use them soon with my own children inshAllah

  11. As salam alikum,
    Mash'Allah great set!My journal book is really beautiful mash'Allah.I would give to my son to prove his writing skills insh'Allah.And jzk for sister Umm An-Nu'man for sharing all her hard work with all of us, Ameen.
    wa salam oum ayoub

  12. Mashaa Allah, wow!!! *smile*
    Barak'Allahu fiki ukhti.

  13. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu

    Mashallah the Smart Ark products are so beautiful.

    I love journals. I always kept one when I was a child, when I was grown up esp during my pregnancies and and journaling all the special moments I have with my children. I definately encourage my older children to keep one. It's just one way to allow them to express themselves freely especially when they are feeling down.

    May Allah reward all the people around the world for the wonderful and great effort for making so many islamic resources available for our children.

    Umm Muhammad K

  14. Assalamu alaikum.
    Jazakallahu khair for all the efforts that you put into this blog.
    Wonderful giveaway. Sad to hear that it's the last Smart Ark giveaway.
    I think it is a good habit for children to keep a journal to help them with their writing and comprehension skills. Inshaallah it will also encourage them express themselves.

  15. Assalam ALAIKUM, Ithink you are doing a wonderful job of educating our kids on religious lines, which to my knowledge very few have done. I am sure AIllah is with you in this great work. Inshallah. Being a teacher my self i guide my kids in writing articles for class magazines and have a few kids who maintain diaries of their own. Journaling is a great way to pour in your feelings and to reflect on it. This enables a person to correct the wrong and also to feel proud on a job done well. Keep up the good work . May Allah be with you.

  16. Assalamualikum Ukhti,

    Baarakallahu feeki for your thoughtful giveaways. It is a beautiful set, Masha Allah. I ask my kids to maintain a small pocket notebook to note down all the different places they visit while we are traveling. While we are at home my kids note down anything they find amusing, I think it's a good way to improve their vocabulary and writing skills. I remember once my dd2 accompanied me to the dentist for my root canal treatment. As the dentist proceeded with the procedure, she took out a pocketbook from my handbag and jotted down the whole procedure, it was hilarious to see how she had made up the whole thing to be a major surgery, SubhanAllah.
    May Allah reward you with loads of khair in this dunya and the aakhira. JAzakillah Khair
    Umm Kashifa

  17. Masha Allah tbark Allah
    Thanks sister for this chance to win this wonderful giveaway.
    I encouraged my daughter to journal about her life and thoughts by buying a cool looking journal when she was just learning how to write at the age of 6-7. It worked wonders and she really enjoys writing in there and her youngest sister is following her footsteps :)

  18. Assalamualaikum,
    Don't know if I'm too late to comment. But anyhow, I find one of the best ways to encourage writing is to provide the children with lots of material to freely experiment with and lots of opportunity to do so.
    May Allah reward for sharing your ideas and rescources.
    Umm Saara.

  19. Assalamu Alaikum

    JAK for the chance to be considered for the last giveaway.
    I would encourage my students to write both Arabic and English in their journals. Children love to have a place to record their thoughts, stories, and interesting dreams they may have.
    May Allah reward you for presenting Islam in a fun creative, exciting manner for our children.
    Umm Bilal

  20. Assalamu aliakum
    Masha Allah, this is great. I would love this for the girls as it would open up so many doors for me to start with them. May Allah rewarad you for all your efforts.
    Umm Hafsah, Nusaybah, & Ruqayyah :)

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