Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art Activity to go with the Postcard for the Letter Haa

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Here is an art activity to go with the postcard for the letter Haa.

This is a very easy art activity that has the potential to keep toddlers focused for about 30 minutes insha'Allaah!
To make this:

  • Cut out hearts in various shapes and sizes from scrap construction paper.
  • Take different colours of scrap construction paper and invite children to crumple them into balls. Open the paper balls carefully and invite the child to ball the paper up again insha'Allaah.
  • Using a glue stick, glue these to a small piece of cardboard (this is the background).
  • Give each child a non-toxic glue stick and invite them to glue the hearts all over the piece of cardboard (that is now covered in construction paper).
  • When they are done, take a piece of construction paper and cut out a heart shape.
  • Glue the cardboard with the hearts on it, to the back of this piece of clean construction paper (that now has a heart shape cut out of it). See photo below insha'Allaah.

Then glue a piece of clean construction paper (of the same colour as the one you glued the heart covered cardboard to), onto the back of the paper (does that make sense?).

This will be the end result insha'Allaah:
You can write the word Hub (Arabic for Love) on this to remind children that Hub begins with the letter Haa.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

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