Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you have these games?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I believe that books are an essential part of any classroom or home. Like many other voracious readers, I can't imagine not having a book within a child's reach (or my own). I also value having games in my classroom that support reading and encourage children to have fun with words and with language. There are three games that I am considering that I would like to know if any of you have or have played and a fourth game that supports the math curriculum in Kindergarten. The first is called Bananagrams.

The game is a portable crossword puzzle. Players don't need pencil, paper or a game board. The game description says there are multiple ways to play. To win each player tries to use all of his/her tiles first. The description also says the game is great for beginning spellers.

The second game is called Pairs in Pears

From the same company who makes Bananagrams,this game's description says, that the game is a "fun way for children to develop memory and cognitive skills while learning alphabetical order, word construction, consonants, and vowels, vocabulary, rhyming, etc. Entire alphabet in each of 4 patterns (104 ivory-like tiles)" .

The third game is called Appletters

Also from the maker of Bananagrams,this game is described as a dot to dot game that requires players to connect the letters and not dots. 

The last game I am curious about is the Qwirkle Board Game 
For a Kindergarten classroom or a family with kindergarten - grade 2 aged children, this game looks like it would be fun...waallaahu a'lam. The game is described as a tactile wooden block game that combines the logic and strategy of Set® with the creative multi-maneuver game play of Scrabble®. The rules are said to be easy to learn and will allow children to create columns and rows of matching colors and shapes easily. 

If you have any of these games or your children have played them, I would enjoy reading what your children and/or students thought of them. Jazakum Allaahu Khayr!


  1. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmahtuallahi Wa Barakatuh,
    Na'am sis, I have bananagrams and this can be used even outside of the game! I have made up little cards with words for my 3 yr old like his name and other familiar words and he find a bananagram piece and places it on the card as he repeats each letter to me. I have used banangrams for my older children as well, to help build vocabulary skills,spelling and for critical thinking. Wonderful game. I have wanted to buy pears in pairs as wells as appleletters but have not been able to find it at our stores.
    I hope this helps! *Smile*

  2. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Jazakillaahu khayr dear sis Umm Abdul Basir! Yes, this helps a lot. I will have to look for these games locally insha'Allaah.

    I really appreciate your input dear sis *smile*.

  3. As salaam alaikum,

    We have all these games except for the pairs game.

    My older children tend to play these games though. My kindergartener does play bananagrams in her "own" way actually. The younger children practice identifying the letters more than anything.

    Quirkle is recommended for ages 6+ and I found that it is a little more difficult to truly keep track of the patterns. The game can last a relatively long time as well.

  4. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    Jazakillaahu khayr sis Umm Tafari! Would you not recommend these games for a kindergarten/grade 1 classroom then? Are they not easy for children to learn and play independently (i.e. without the teacher being there at all times)? I appreciate your comment dear sis...it is very helpful.

  5. As salaam alaikum,

    They may be able to possibly play bananagrams independently. That game can be played with only one person. I don't think appletters would be able to be played without constant help from an adult nor Qwirkle. If they are able to figure out the correct sequence for the Qwirkle game, then they would have to keep score which is also a bit much for that age group. Allahu alim.


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