Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Day Art Activity

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is a snow day art activity that was inspired by an activity I saw last winter ( I do not remember where I saw it to link back) but I didn't consider using it because it required using white-out to make the snow. But as winter is here in this part of the world alhamdulillaah, I was trying to think of suitable art activities to do and this idea came back to my mind (and a way to modify it came with it).

I made the activity for toddlers to use shapes to design a snow day scene (in the one I saw, the children coloured their scenes onto the page and the scene therefore could not change). I wanted the children to be able to use shape cut outs to redesign their backgrounds as often as they'd like insha'Allaah (this is also a fun activity for children learning their shapes). For the snow, instead of white-out, you can use non-toxic white paint! The fun is that other than being able to change their background scene, children can make it a clear winter day by peeling/lifting up the film or make it a snow day by simply lowering the film back down.

This is a fun, quick, snow day art activity that uses photo album pages, white paint, construction paper cut outs and imagination:

 Snow Day!

To make this, children simply paint white dots onto the film that covers the photo album page. While the paint is drying, give children different colour construction paper and invite them to cut out shapes to use to design their background scene insha'Allaah. 

Once they've cut out their shapes, they can design (and redesign) background scenes.

Once they are done, they lower the plastic film down and they have their snow day!

Note: The film that covers the photo album page is plastic. Please closely supervise young toddlers to ensure the film does not become a choking hazard.

And I forgot! *smile* If you do this and would like to share with us please do by using the linky tools below. We'd love to see your little ones art work. If you want to show a picture of this activity that your child has done, use the first linky tool. If you do this actitivty and want to link to that post only on your blog or website, use the second linky tool insha'Allaah. Please only link directly to the post showing this activity to make it easy for us to find your child's Snow Day art work. Jazakum Allaahu khayran!

Enjoy insha'Allaah!


  1. Masha'Allah sis; love this idea. We are overdue for snow here (yay! I'm a southern girl and still excited for it to start snowing) so I think this will be a great activity for little Aaminah to engage in.

    Jazaki Allahu khair!

    Oh btw, she loves the book we got from your drawing. :-)

  2. Salaam again and sorry, just wanted to make a request. Could you do an invitation for others who have used your ideas to show their take on your creativity? I would love to see what other sisters do insha'Allah. :-)

    Ma salaama!

  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    Sis Aaminah, jazakillahu khayr! *smile*. I've put a linky tool to invite others to either show a picture (thumbnail) of their child's work or they can just leave a link. And Alhamdulillaah that your daughter likes the book! Alhamdulillaah! Please tell her I said "Assalamu alaikum!".


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