Friday, January 28, 2011

Alphabet Wrist-Bands

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This Arabic letter activity is a fun way to help reinforce what students have been learning about the letter you have been teaching. This is an alphabet wrist band. 

Students are given a strip (printed on cardstock for durability) with the letter of the week and pictures that start with that letter. They are invited to colour their wrist bands and then the teacher/parent uses a hole-puncher to make two holes at each end of the band. With a small piece of yarn, secure the wrist-band to the child's right wrist.

Print and cut out large cards that show the same pictures that are on the wrist band. Hide them around the classroom/your home and invite students to tell you when they happen upon a picture card that matches a picture on their wrist band. When they point out the card, ask them what the picture shows and what letter it begins with. If they are correct, you can choose to place a star sticker on their wrist band (you may wish to ask the child if they want their sticker on the inside of the wristband so the letters and pictures are not obscured).

To add a level of difficulty, include pictures that start with the letter you are studying but are not on the wrist bands but students are familiar with insha'Allaah. See if students can accurately identify that the other pictures they find also start with the letter you are studying. Again, if you wish to give a sticker when the student finds and accurately identifies the picture and its beginning sound, this is at your discretion.

*If your child(ren) are small enough, you can glue the wrist bands onto empty toilet paper rolls and then cut the rolls so that each band is already round. Then just use the hole-punch to make two holes at opposite ends of the band.*

If you wish to use the band and cards for the letter Kaaf, you can download them below insha'Allaah. The file for a class has 7 wrist bands on the page and one set of picture cards. The file for the small group has 3 bands and the picture cards. The words on the picture cards and their pronunciation can be found on the harf (letter) Kaaf postcard.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!


  1. Cute idea! I'll have to try this out at our weekend school. Do you have templates for any other letters?

    1. Bismillah irrahmaan irrahiem,

      Asalamoe alaykoem wa rahmatoellahi wa barakatoe,my dear sister,

      I wanted to ask if i can have the other letters,please?Or do you only have the letter Kef?


      Salima Oem Sayfoudine from The Netherlands

    2. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh

      @Anonymous: My apologies for the delay in responding. The letter kaf is the only letter available at this time.

      @ Salima Oem Sayfoudine from The Netherlands: Wa feki barakallaah ukthi Oem Sayfoudine. The letter kaf is the only template available at this time. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to do the other letters until the school year ends.

      Barak Allaahu feki


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