Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Cross-Post] FREEBIE: Qur'aan Workbook

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah, school is set to begin for many schools and homeschoolers. The beginning of the school year is a very important time for many reasons. It is during the first weeks of school/homeschool that students learn new routines that will help contribute to a positive learning environment. It is also during the first weeks of school that teachers/parent-teacher set expectations for the school year. These first weeks are critical then because they often set the tone for the entire school year. To help set a tone that is pleasing to Allaah, SK/Kindergarten students can work on this Quraan workbook (*Note: some SK/Kindergarten students may not be ready for the materials in this pack - you as the teacher/parent-teacher will need to determine this).

Click on the picture above to download the workbook insha'Allaah

Some of the material students will encounter in this workbook include:

Reading Comprehension
Retelling a story
Answer questions about details in a story
Begin to recognize that words are separated by spaces and begin to apply this to own writing

Use pictures, words, and dictation to tell about a story
Talk and write about what happened to the main character in their story
Recognize, name, and  use end punctuation
Begin to edit their own pieces of writing

There are 3 rubrics included for each type of writing students will do, 3 student editing sheets - with these students self-edit prior to submitting their work with the happy proclamation that it is 'done'.

Students will also:

  • Make lists
  • Learn to add details to their writing by describing something/an object with strong adjectives
  • Learn about Makkee and Madanee suwar and be able to list a few suwar that fall into each category (This may be an activity that you chose to introduce later in the school year to kindergarten students)
  • Make a plan for the suwar they will read from al-Quraan and start to take ownership in making sure they read the Quran daily insha'Allaah.
Are you ready to start school? Then let's begin insha'Allaah! Click on the picture above to download the workbook insha'Allaah or you can download it free from the Teacher's Notebook store!


  1. So cute! Jazakillahu khairan for sharing your hard work!

  2. Subhanallah, Jazakallah khaira for sharing these wonderful resources. it's wonderful, Masya Allah.

  3. Salam, it is a nice and innovative effort. JazakAllah..

  4. Salam aleikom

    Mashallah, Nice work. Could you send It to me in another format for nr to translate to My Children.
    May allah reward you.
    Salamm umm sulayman

  5. Am interested in Quran. Akhlaq, Islamic History activities etc...Teach at Sunday school.

  6. JazakAllahu khairan.
    M happy to get this resource.
    Ots amazing


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