Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School: Books to consider for your bookshelf

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Although school has been in session for a few weeks now alhamdulillaah, you may still be in the process of selecting new books for this school year. If so, you may want to consider the following books:

From right to left:

From "When a little bird awakens to find that all of his friends and family have gone south for the winter, it takes a surprising friendship with Mooch the cat to help him find his way. This is a wordless and moving story that explores being lost and found, crossing boundaries, saying goodbye, and broadening horizons."

This story explores a toddler's busy day. When the little boy's mother tells him it's time to leave each activity/place, he does not want to go but he soon discovers that having to stop one activity does not mean that more fun and adventure is not close at hand. The story also shows how bedtime is (necessary) fun too! **As you read the story, replace bye-bye with Assalamu aliakum"**

This book can be used when teaching your colours unit this year! From "Baby Bear has so much to learn about the world! From the moment he wakes until it’s time to curl up and go to sleep, he explores outside with his mama. They see green leaves, blue jays, brown trout, and—best of all—a patch of yummy red strawberries. [This is a ] concept book that combines engaging and intricate linocut illustrations with a story that enthusiastically encourages children to identify a variety of vibrant colours. Young readers will delight in this chance to join Baby Bear as he discovers the colourful wonders of his lively, leafy forest home.

For kindergarten and grade 1, this book can be used to help children understand the concept of odd and even. From "Every animal on Farmer Bill's farm is missing one mitten. Readers can investigate odd and even numbers as they unravel this mitten mystery!

This is an interesting and fun book that invites the reader to see the world from different perspectives - namely that of many different animals. When teaching direction words (i.e. up, down, under, over, etc.), this book can be used for storytime to help children understand and further explore the concept. 

While a little fox is romping and playing he stumbles across a goose. Intending to play a joke, he sneaks up on it and scares it and the goose flies off, leaving her egg behind. The fox, realizing that he has made a mistake, feels bad and then discovers the egg. Determined to correct his mistake, he decides that he will take care of the egg (and eventually the baby goose) since he was the reason its mother was not there to care for it. When the egg hatches, the two animals form a friendship and the fox helps the baby goose find its flock. With embossed illustrations, this is a nice story for the beginning of the year as you are teaching children manners and classroom routines. 

7). Time for a Hug by Phillis Gershator and Mim Green
When you start your unit on telling time this year, this book can be used as you're teaching telling time to the hour. And, it's just nice for toddlers because the story is sweet. From "From the moment Little Bunny wakes up in the morning until the moon comes out and the stars shine, every hour includes a warm hug from Big Bunny. Whether they bake or build, bike or hike, a caring hug always feels just right. This is a book that is generous with love, and full of sweet illustrations."


  1. Cute books, thanks for sharing! I put a couple of them on my Amazon homeschool wish list.

  2. Salam arleyki
    I love the book snifff is not in french grrr
    barak allah ufiki
    kiss fromm france ♥


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