Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arabic Alphabet Game for Toddlers

Assalamu alaikum,

While the crafts ideas are in process I thought I'd continue uploading games and literacy resources insha'Allah.
This game, 'The Arabic Alphabet Game' is for toddlers & two - and actually can be used with three and four year olds insha'Allah. It's a simple game to help with recognition skills for the Arabic Alphabet insha'Allah. The directions are included in the game and I've designed two additional spinners to use with the game (in addition to the spinner included in the game). So if your child(ren) count beyond four they would use this spinner or if they do not know how to count in Arabic they would use this spinner insha'Allah.

The game also helps students learn and/or practice their numeracy skills as they will spin the spinner and have to accurately identify the number on the spinner and move the appropriate amount of spaces insha'Allah.

I will ask my wonderful co-blogger (smile) if she can design a sheet that tells parents how to say the names of the objects in the pictures (In Arabic) so our mums who may not speak Arabic can teach their child(ren) the name of the words that match the letters insha'Allah. Check this post again in a few days and insha'Allah there will be an additional sheet added.

I would also like to design some extension activities (i.e. sensory activities, cognitive, practical life, art, etc.) to go along with the game insha'Allah so it may be beneficial to check back again in a few days insha'Allah. ;)

*UPDATE: Barak Allahu feki my dear co-blogger! Here is the chart that names the pictures on the game board in Arabic with English transliteration insha'Allah.
*UPDATE #2: Here is the Activity Guide for the Arabic Alphabet Game insha'Allah. There are links to two videos that show you how to do two of the activities listed in the Activity Guide. They are below insha'Allah.
Enjoy the game insha'Allah!

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  1. Aoa
    M a silent viewer of ur blog
    May Allah reward u
    ..keep it up ...u r doing a gr8 job
    Umm I subhana


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