Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Seasons' Theme Art Activity #2: 3-D Spring Garden

Assalamu alaikum,

This is the second post for our Seasons themed art activities alhamdulillah. After discussing and learning about the seasons and learning that Allah is the One who Creates the seasons and sends the rain as a Mercy from Him (in the Springtime and sometimes in other seasons), causing plants to grow and making the grass green, children can complete this easy 3-D spring garden. When done, they can hang it on their wall using a push pin (with adult help/supervision insha'Allah).

The materials you will need insha'Allah:
*Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
* Non-Toxic Paint
* Non-toxic liquid glue & a non-toxic glue stick

* Shoe box lid

* Paint brush(es)

* Construction paper

* Scissors

* Cotton Balls

How to make the 3-D spring garden insha'Allah:

1. Glue a piece of construction paper into the bottom of the shoe box lid (this is the sky background insha'Allah). Use the glue stick, not the liquid glue, so it doesn't dry with glue bubbles showing insha'Allah.
2). Take the empty paper towel (or toilet paper) roll and press down on it to make it somewhat flat. Do not press too hard. You are only trying to make it easier to cut insha'Allah but you still want to maintain it's roundness insha'Allah.
3). Take the rings and cut them in half at the point of the folds. Take the two pieces and design flowers by gluing the pieces on top of each other using liquid glue. You'll need 4 cut pieces to make the flower below insha'Allah. Allow the flowers to dry insha'Allah.

4). While the flowers are drying, take a piece of green construction paper and make your grass. Take other colours of construction paper and make the rest of your garden (i.e. the stems of the flowers, the petals, and the rain drops insha'Allah). Glue your grass into the box lid with the glue stick insha'Allah.

What I did was place my unpainted flowers in the garden to measure the spacing between each flower. In this picture, the stems are not glued down yet.

Here, I placed my cotton balls (the clouds) to also measure the spacing before I glued them.

Here, I had already glued my clouds (cotton balls) onto the background and then I glued my rain into the scene. I left the unpainted, unglued flowers just to make sure the spacing was good insha'Allah.
5). Glue your clouds into the scene using liquid glue.

6). If the flowers are dry, place them into the garden but do not glue them into the scene yet. Place your flower stems in the garden and put the flowers atop the stems to make sure your spacing is good. If so, use a pencil to make a light mark where you wish to glue each of your flowers later on insha'Allah.

7). Glue your flower stems and petals into the scene using the glue stick.

8). If your flowers are dry, paint them with non-toxic paint. Allow them to dry completely insha'Allah.

9). When the paint on your flowers has dried, glue them onto the stems using liquid glue. Use the glue stick to glue your petals to the stems.

10). Cut out little drops of rain from blue construction paper. Using the glue stick, glue the rain drops into the scene underneath the clouds insha'Allah.

You can also use foam to make the garden as well insha'Allah.

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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