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'Seasons' Theme Art Activity # 1: Winter Charity Can

Assalamu alaikum,

The Seasons Lapbook idea reminded me that this is the time of year when I usually do a 'Seasons' theme in my class. I really enjoy doing this theme with children as there are so many exciting and beautiful crafts that can be done to enhance this unit alhamdulillah. This is also an easy way to link Tawheed into the curriculum. Subhana'Allah, the wonders that occur throughout the year by the Permission of Allah are glorious. Allahu Akbar. You can use this to bring the children's attention to the Might and Power of Allah and His ability to Create which none in the creation have.

This post is the first of four (maybe 5), insha'Allah, of craft activities to do with children as you teach the seasons insha'Allah. After the pictures, there is an idea that you can use with this craft to involve not only your young children but the older one's as well insha'Allah. You'll also see the list of materials you will need to make this craft insha'Allah.

This craft activity is called, "The Winter Charity Can". After Ramadan, we sometimes forget to continue implementing the important lessons we were suppose to glean from that Blessed month. One of those lessons is charity. This craft can be used to reinforce the concept of sadaqa (charity) in Islam insha'Allah. The pictures below show the Winter Charity Can from different areas of the can insha'Allah.


What you'll need insha'Allah:

- Empty, clean coffee can

- Cotton balls (about 6 per can)

- White confetti

- Construction paper (light blue for the background and other colours for the buildings insha'Allah)/ or you can use clipart which is what I did.

- Liquid glue and/or glue stick

- Xacto knife

- Scissors

How to make the Winter Charity Can insha'Allah:

1). Cover the outside of the coffee can with light blue construction paper. Allow to dry completely.

2). While the can is drying, design and cut out buildings that you normally see in your city/town/country. Be sure to leave no white background if you draw the buildings on white paper (this will show easily against the light blue background).

3). When the can is dry, glue the buildings on to the bottom of the can, going all the way around. This is your city in the winter time.

4). Take your cotton balls and stretch them length wise a bit to make them longer and glue them on to the can in the 'sky' (i.e. the top part of the can near the lid).

5). Using the glue stick, put glue all around the can, one section at a time. Take your white confetti and sprinkle it onto the glue to get your 'snow' insha'Allah. Allow to dry.

6). Teacher and/or parent: Use an Xacto knife or a pair of scissors to cut a circular hole in the lid of the can insha'Allah. Replace the lid on the can.

Now children are ready to begin depositing their change into the Winter Charity Can insha'Allah!

Activity Idea: Tell children that the Winter is the season that comes after Fall/Autumn insha'Allah. Explain to students that alhamdulilah, they are warm, have good, safe housing, food, and proper clothes for the winter but some Muslims do not have this. Teach the children some of the ahadith related to charity and helping other Muslims (there are some graphics below from Easel & Ink that have some ahadith about this subject alhamdulillah). Tell students that they are going to have a chance to help other Muslims have a warm and healthier winter insha'Allah. Explain that they will make a Winter Charity Can to collect money to buy things people need and use in the winter insha'Allah.

After the students have made their charity cans, enlist the students (young and older) to begin depositing change to the can insha'Allah. If you are in a school setting, invite the children to place their cans in other classrooms for those students to fill with change insha'Allah. Tell the students that when all of the cans are filled, the students (older or the parents can take younger children along to do the shopping insha'Allah) will go on a field trip to shop for items that a person will need to stay warm and fed in the Winter insha'Allah. Tell the students that these items (food and clothing) will be given to a Muslim (or Muslim family) who needs them insha'Allah.

For older students, have them make a list of things that are needed in the Winter months to stay healthy and warm. Then have them begin researching how much these items cost. Have a student (or a few students) be in charge of counting the money. When this has been done, have the students do a budget to see what items on their list they can afford to buy insha'Allah. Have the students buy these items, package them attractively, have the younger students make cards to attach to the packages, and deliver them to the Muslim or Muslim family insha'Allah (with adult supervision of course).

Here are some graphics that you can use to post near the Winter Charity Can to remind children about the importance of sadaqa in Islam (original size of the graphics can be found at Easel & Ink insha'Allah):

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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