Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Seasons' Theme Art Activity # 5: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Assalamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, here is the last 'Seasons' craft activity: ice cream sandwiches! Even though they're not edible...they're cute masha'Allah! I think this will be a tasty looking edition to any imaginative play area insha'Allah.

This craft is for the season of summer insha'Allah. Once children learn about the weather, food, and clothing that are specific to summer, they can make miniature ice cream sandwiches insha'Allah. Just be sure to keep them away from infants so they don't get eaten (smile)!

Here are the materials you will need insha'Allah:

*An empty paper towel roll
*Cardstock or cardboard
*Brown paint
*Black paint
*White paint
*Paint brushes
*Non-toxic glue
*Baby food jar

How to make the miniature ice cream sandwiches insha'Allah:

1). Cut the paper towel roll into circles (cut enough for how many sandwiches you want to make insha'Allah). You'll need one circle per sandwich insha'Allah.

2). Take the baby food jar and turn it upside down on the cardstock so that the lid is the part that is touching the cardstock. Trace two circles insha'Allah or more depending on how many sandwiches you want. *Be sure that the baby food jar you use has a lid that will trace circles that are larger in diameter than your paper towel roll circles insha'Allah*

3). Using the white paint, paint the paper towel roll circle white. Use the brown paint to paint the circles brown insha'Allah. Allow to dry insha'Allah.

4). Once dry, take one of the brown circles and on the side that is not painted, make a circle using the glue. Place your paper towel roll circle on top of the glue. Put the baby food jar or other object on top of the circle so that the circle does not move out of the glue and stays aligned insha'Allah. Allow to dry (about 15 minutes insha'Allah). Repeat with the second circle insha'Allah. Again, place the baby food jar (or other object) on top of the circle as you allow it to dry insha'Allah. Once dry it will look like this insha'Allah:

I did not paint my paper towel roll circle first but it is easier if you do insha'Allah

5). When the sandwich is dry, take some of the brown paint and use the end of a paint brush to make little chocolate chip dots (on the white circle which is the inside of the sandwich). Dip the end of the brush into the paint and gingerly dab little dots randomly all around the circle insha'Allah.

6). Take a paint brush that has a fine tip (or you could use a fine tip marker) and use black paint to paint small lines on the brown circles (the top and bottom of the ice cream sandwich). This dries very quickly alhamdulillah.

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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