Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pre-Puzzles (Preparation For Working With Puzzles)

Assalamu alaikum,

This activity is one that is intended to prepare infants 12-15 months old for working with puzzles. In this activity, infants match a cut out piece to its outline insha'Allah.

This is a Montessori activity and as with many of the materials in the Montessori setting, it is not difficult to make alhamdulillah. What is important, as with all presentations in Montessori settings, is the way the activity is introduced and subsequently 'presented' insha'Allah.

While I cannot tell you specifically how to present these (because this idea is not mine and I learned this during my own training alhamdulillah), they really are simple to make alhamdulillah.

The key thing to remember is to show the infant how to match the piece to its outline but to intentionally make mistakes and show your repeated attempts to match the piece before you correctly match the piece to its outline. This is very common in the Montessori method (and in others as well).

After the child has become proficient, you can then move to the two piece puzzles found here and here insha'Allah.

Note: If you are going to use a masjid (as above, for example) I would suggest using one that is simpler than the one I chose. The reason being: it wasn't easy to cut out! (smile)

Enjoy insha'Allah!


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum Ya Ukhti

    I came across your blog few weeks ago and I am so thrilled with all the activities you have masha Allaah.

    I am a mother of a 2 year old daughter intending to home school Insha Allaah. I wish I had seen your blog from much earlier so that she could have benefited from all the resources you have made available, Qadarallaah masha Allaah.

    We are in the midst of relocating and I can't wait till I settle to try your activities with my daughter. I just wanted to say a very big Jazzakillaah Khayr for all the sharing masha Allaah.

    Will keep in touch for any special help Insha Allaah.

    Barakallaah Feeki

    Umm Maimoonah
    Sri Lanka

  2. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Wa feki barak Allah and Ahlan! dear sister Umm Maimoonah. I love your daughter's name by the way masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah, you have found that the activities here may be fun and beneficial for your daughter insha'Allah.

    Dear sister, if you need anything specific please do not hesitate to ask and if I can, I will provide it for you insha'Allah.

    Jazakillahu khayr dear sis and may Allah make your relocation easy for you and your family.

    Please do keep in touch dear sis (hug)

  3. As Salaamu Alaykum, NIce idea! Maybe I can use this for my 2 yr old and my little guy when he is a bit older. I never thought of it! Such a simple yet useful idea! Jazkallahu Khair!

  4. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    Wa iyaki. Yes, very simple and really easy to make insha'Allah. Insha'Allah your little ones enjoy this activity (smile).


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