Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow and Practical Life Skills

Assalamu aliakum,

Last week I didn't post much (if anything). The snow is very relaxing and we had snow almost daily alhamdulillah.

Last week, there was a surge of interest in practical life activities so we spent the week doing many activities of that nature (but because those activities are property of our training centre I can't post pictures of them).

Practical life activities are those that help children learn concentration, develop their fine and gross motor skills and they also teach the child many skills they will need for self-care. Children appear to be naturally drawn to these activities and will many times ask to do the activities without prompting. For instance, last week, I was brought shoes many times because the child wanted to learn to put them on by themselves. I was brought socks and other things that fall into the category of practical life activities as well.

I enjoy watching children engaged in practical life activities because of the complete concentration they exhibit subhana'Allah. They are so absorbed and barely notice what is happening around them. So many times, I see a child smile to themselves when they have accomplished a skill or task ( the child does not know I am observing them and they are working independently masha'Allah). This is when I am reminded that while we as parents and teachers guide and encourage children, truly alhamdulillah (all of the Praise and Thanks is due to Allah Alone).

So for this week, we'll see what unfolds insha'Allah.

Photo credits: Black and white picture of snow copyright Katmere and is protected under Creative Commons License. Fruit trees covered in snow copyright tambako the jaguar and is protected under Creative Commons License.

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