Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yarn Snowman

Assalamu alaikum,

This little winter craft is great fine motor skill work for children three to six years old insha'Allah. The 'snowballs' are easy to make and take about 3-5 minutes per ball (for an adult) insha'Allah. You can find the tutorial in this post insha'Allah. For the little hat, I stumbled upon a blog (*Note: the blog has unislamic content.*) in December that had a tutorial about it and when I went back to try to find it...I couldn't. I think if you Google tiny yarn hat and I think the woman's name was Adrian, you may find it insha'Allah. Try those words in Google and maybe you'll be more successful in finding the blog than I was insha'Allah.

Completed Yarn Snowman

The Stages of a Yarn Snowman

and finally....

A completed yarn snowman alhamdulillah!

How to make a yarn snowman insha'Allah:

1). Invite your child(ren) to make the yarn apples shown in this post but use white yarn and white pipe cleaners instead. Make a large, medium and small snowball/apple. Do not put stems or leaves on the apples and cut the white pipe cleaners off very close to the snowball. Push the exposed wire into the yarn with the handles of a pair of scissors insha'Allah.

2). With a hot glue gun (an adult must do this part), glue each of the snowballs on top of each other insha'Allah.

3). Make a little hat for your snowman. If you can't find the tutorial for the hat pictured here (I'll try again to find it insha'Allah), you can improvise and the children can make hats from cardboard or cereal boxes insha'Allah.

4). For the arms, use pipe cleaners. Twist the pipe cleaner around a few pieces of the yarn where the snowman's arms should be. Make sure you push any exposed wire into the yarn completely with the handle of a pair of scissors insha'Allah. Use smaller pieces of pipe cleaners, in the same colour as the arms, to make fingers insha'Allah. To do this, fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist it around the lower part of the snowman's arm inshaAllah.

5). For the snowman's buttons I used black felt and cut 2 little circles out. Again, use a hot glue gun (an adult does this part also insha'Allah) to glue the buttons onto your snowman inshaAllah.

Your Yarn Snowman is done alhamdulillah!

Enjoy insha'Allah!

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