Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Check it Out: Elusive Moose

Assalamu alaikum,

This week (as with many weeks alhamdulillah) I've been doing a lot of reading aloud. Reading to toddlers is almost always interesting alhamdulillah. Sometimes the books that I choose (and like very much) do not win favour with the children....alhamdulillah. Still, each child and class is different. This book, Elusive Moose, while it is one of those books that I thought was going to be a hit but wasn't, may be a book that your child enjoys insha'Allah.

The verses of the book are short and fun and readers are encouraged to try to find the "elusive moose" on each page. The illustrations are all done with felt, buttons, etc. and that makes the book unique and (I thought) ascetically pleasing but here toddler taste decided that that wasn't the case...hehe.

With older toddlers and with kindergarteners, insha'Allah, the book can be used to introduce and/or explore the different types of animals that live in certain regions and their habitats. For younger toddlers, the book is a fun hide and seek read aloud that can be enjoyed by parent and child together insha'Allah.

You can buy the book by clicking on it in the Amazon widget on the right hand side of the page (under Our Most Requested Read Alouds) or....the next time you're at the library: Check it Out insha'Allah!

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