Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dragonfly Clothespin Magnets and Popsicle Shed Crafts

Assalamu alaikum,

These two crafts are connected to the book we read for "Together We Read", so this post will be linked up to our first "Together We Read" post this Saturday insha'Allah.  We made dragonfly magnets out of clothes pins but my favourite one, the green one with pink wings, got its wings torn off!....eek! of baby fingers.

and next we made a shed using popsicle sticks and construction paper:

Materials needed for both crafts:

- Non-Toxic paint
- Clothes pins (preferable with the rounded tops)
- Construction paper (for the wings)
- Glitter (optional)
- Paint brushes
- Glue (non-toxic)
- Popsicle Sticks
- Markers

This gives you a sneak peek ;) at what our book was about but come back this Saturday insha'Allah to see the book and all of the activities related to it insha'Allah.

Enjoy insha'Allah!


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