Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Together We Read: June Book Selection + A Giveaway!

Assalamu alaikum,

I love this book! The story is so sweet that I just couldn't wait to announce it as the selected book for June for "Together We Read".  Only You, by Robin Cruise is just a loving, warm, tender story that can be read to infants, toddlers, and kindergarteners. This is a great bedtime or anytime story. And....I love this story so much that I've decided that I will give away a brand new hardcover copy of this book fi sabillillah (for the sake of Allah) insha'Allah.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment in which you very briefly mention why you enjoy reading aloud to your child and I'll have to go figure out that random.org thingy (hehe) to let it select the winner insha'Allah. I only hope that the book will arrive to the winner before our next Together We Read post but even if it doesn't, the book will still be yours to read to your child over and over again insha'Allah. You can buy the book on Amazon.com or plan now to reserve it from your local library insha'Allah.

To be eligiable for the giveaway, just leave a comment between now and Tuesday, June 1st (before midnight, eastern standard time). The winner will be announced Friday, June 4th insha'Allah.

And I sincerely hope you will all join us as we read, together, Only You by Robin Cruise (or any book you'd like) in June insha'Allah.


  1. I havent read this one but I would love to ...thanks for the giveaway...

  2. Sounds like a really cute book and thanks for the giveaway. I love reading aloud with my children because it's time we're spending together, they're learning new words, tones, speech patterns and it's something they enjoy and I enjoy and that makes it fun for all of us.

  3. As Salaamu Alaykum, Subhan Allah! I can't believe you are having a giveaway now! Masha Allah! Well, my reason for reading aloud to my children and why I love to is simply seeing their faces full of interest and curiosity! They love to hear me narrate and use different voices while reading. I absolutely love this time because it's a great time I can just sit there and hold my little guy and watch him point out what interest him most about the pages. Great bonding time and wonderful mommmy and baby time after a busy day of running back and forth doing this and that! I have always made it a point to read to my children from early ages and Alhamdulilah they all love reading. I sure hope to participate in the next book read and make and include my activities for it insha Allah. Jazakallahu Khair!

  4. Reading allowed to my little one as she sits on my lap is a special moment for us both. We enter a different world together,share wonderful adventures. Those special few minutes take us away from everyone else in the home. It's our time, our adventure, it's a precious, funny, touching, colourful moment and it's just ours. And all it takes, is a few minutes subhanAllah.
    JazakAllahu khayran for the giveaway sister.

  5. A'salaamu alaikum sister. I have always enjoyed reading outloud to my children because I wanted to pass on the joy of reading to them. It's a fun and relaxing way to spend time together masha'allah.

    Ma salaama...

  6. when i read to my children and they slowly drift off to sleep, i know that they have gone to bed feeling happy, peaceful and safe

  7. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    May Allaah reward you for this sis. I started reading aloud to my daughter from the time she was in my tummy, masha Allaah this has continued till today! Reading aloud to me is just apart of my life and a great way of bonding Alhamdulillaah! And I can see how much my daughter enjoys and looks forward for this when she does the reading aloud session with her stuffed toys on her own when we are not around! It is such a pleasure to watch her Masha Allaah. May Allaah enable all of us to continue this Insha Allaah!

  8. Awesome idea. I don't have kids, but I really like the idea of a contest like this:)

  9. Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    This should be interesting inshaAllah. Bonding, yes, that's what it is. I feel I bond so sweetly with my son when I read to him. He is 3 and a half and comprehends more than I think he would when I read to him. I read to the younger ones too but they seem not so in to it just yet, as much as my older one is. I love how he is full of questions while I am reading. It tells me that he loves and enjoys this. And how he can retell a story it's just amazing, just after reading it to him. It's precious to watch him sit and wait what I will read/say next.

  10. Oem 'Îsa wa Hawâ'May 31, 2010 at 2:48 AM

    Salâm Aleykoem Wa Rahmatoellâh Umm An-Nu'man,

    Reading beautiful books with little ones brings tranquillity to the family, ‘cause we please Allâh therewith. Another reason why I love to read with them, is because of the snuggling and dreaming that comes with reading.

    This book seems very lovely. If there’s an opportunity to send internationally, we’d love to participate in the giveaway!

    Djazâka Allâhoe khayr.
    Wa Salâm Aleykoem Wa Rahmatoellâh,

    Oem ‘Îsa wa Hawâ’

  11. I love reading to my children . . . why? I thought about this, and . . .as much as I want them to learn, there is a very strong self-centered motive to it.

    Why is Peggy Rathman’s “Gorilla” being followed by a little mouse? Julia Donaldson’s “Snail and Whale” swim all the way up to Canada to visit us. Donald Crews’ “Freight Train” carries Papa in it’s caboose (the man with a beard!). Kevin Lewis’ “Chugga Chugga” actually has Papa and My riding the train. And how can I forget our beloved Richard Scarry’s Goldbug that’s present in every page that we turn.

    Why do I read to my children? It gives my soul the chance to fly into the mind of my child . . . and take a glimpse of the magic going on inside. It nourishes me and puts a smile on my face long after the book is closed and their eyes are shut. And I know it’ll put a smile on my face for many years a head by just closing my eyes and remembering those wonderful times shared with a book on our lap.


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