Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aqeedah Activities for Preschool Children (Part 2)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

These activities are extensions to the Islamic studies curriculum of Saudi Arabia. Again, they have been adjusted for toddlers and preschoolers.

The aspect of tawheed covered is that Allaah is the only Creator. This sentence/phrase is the centre of the activities: الله هُوَ آلَّذِي خَلَقَ آلأَرْضَ آلَّتِي نَمْشِي عَلَيْهَا (Allaah is the one who created the earth that we walk on).

After a brief discussion invite children to follow the footsteps on the floor using alternating feet (i.e. right then left, right then left...). This activity is intended to provide practice with gross motor skills and practice balancing alternately on one foot.

As the walk progresses, remind the children that what we are walking on is the Earth that Allaah created.

The feet wind around the room in an alternating fashion, right foot then left, until the construction paper feet come to an end and children are invited to jump to the last two feet that are side by side.
Afterward, give children two worksheets to a). work on right and left direction skills and b). practice fine motor skills. This worksheet also fits in the math curriculum due to the sorting aspect.

The completed work of a child
Blank worksheet
This worksheet mentions the hadith about the manners of entering the masaajid as recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari. Children are then invited to sort right and left footprints into the right and left hand columns.

I also made a mat that was placed on the floor in the area where shoes are put on. Children are invited to step on the mat and match their feet to the footprints as they are reminded which is the right foot and which is the left.

The sheet is laminated and then it was taped to the floor in front of the shoe area.

The next worksheet gives children practice with fine motor skills (i.e. pencil grip) and tracing a vertical line and as they progress, a meandering line. Children use a crayon or marker to trace over the red line that directs each foot to the picture of the earth.

A tracing worksheet for children whose fine motor skills are in the beginning developing stages

A tracing worksheet for children with more developed fine motor skills.
Download the worksheets here insha'Allaah:

Enjoy insha'Allaah!


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis,

    Masha Allaah these activities are great for our Aqeedah lessons. Sis are you hoping to put out more on these. What is the name of the book of this Saudi Curriculum? Does this go along with Sh. Yahya Al Hajoori's basic principles. I saw you have mentioned brother Moosa Richardson's Aqeedah book on your previous Aqeedah Activities post!

    Jazzakillaah Khayr sis.

  2. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullaah,

    Alhamdulillaah. Yes I plan to put more insha'Allaah *smile*. The Saudi Curriculum used to be available to download online but the link is no longer valid. Insha'Allaah, I will get the name for you. And I do not know if it aligns with the Shaykh's book.


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