Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quraan Centre Word Work: Surah Al-Ma'un Activities & Workbook

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillaah, this is the word work for surah Al-Ma'un:

This word work pack marks the beginning of students moving forward to begin learning to identify the Arabic letters in their different forms (i.e. in isolation, beginning, middle and end).

The workbook maintains the same familiar format but the focus of the word work pack itself is on the letter ya and how it is written in isolation, in the beginning of a word, in the middle of a word and at the end of a word.

The activities in this word work book are (by page number):

- Pages 7-8: A site word board game for the surah - you can use a spinner and child safe game pieces of your choice for this game. Children can spin the spinner and when they land on a word, if they can read it, they stay on that space, if not, they do not move from their current place on the board. Play continues in this way until a child reaches the word finish. This game would be played at the end of the word work unit so that students have had sufficient exposure to all of the words in the surah insha'Allaah.

- Page 9: Making words - the teacher/parent-teacher cuts the words cards in two and the students must rematch the cards to make the correct words from the surah.

- Page 10: A Worksheet that helps students with visual discrimination. They must select the word that does not belong in each group.

- Pages 11 - 13: Word work mats that children can either use with Play-Doe, colour, paint, etc. This activity is a fine motor skill activity to help students prepare for learning to write or to practice and improve writing skills insha'Allaah.

- Pages 14 -15: Templates for sandpaper letters for the letter ya in its different positions. (Yemeni has sandpaper templates for all of the Arabic alphabet as they appear in isolation masha'Allaah. I made these specifically for this letter focus).

- Pages 16 - 18: Children sort words from the surah based on where the letter ya is at in the word (i.e. beginning, middle or end) and there is also a memory game with words from the surah that have ya in its different positions. 

- Pages 19-20: Children have the word hunt (all words have the letter ya in its different forms) and also words to sort. For this word sort activity, you will use the same sorting mat found in the previous word work packets insha'Allaah. You can download a mat from this word work pack insha'Allaah.

- Page 21-24: Selected words from the surah that have the letter ya in its different forms. These words can be used on bulletin boards, word walls, or as flashcards.

Insha'Allaah, your students/children benefit and enjoy this. Before downloading this file, please take a moment to read the terms of use (if you haven't already done so) for this and all resources on A Muslim Child is born. Jazakum Allaahu Khayr.  The file is available for download here insha'allaah.

Enjoy insha'Allaah!

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