Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recommended Book: A Butterfly Is Patient

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is another non-fiction book that may rapidly capture the attention and imaginations of your students/children.

A Butterfly Is Patient is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces children to the life of a butterfly. When the book is opened children are treated to a full spread layout of various caterpillars that will, by the Permission of Allaah, one day become stunning, brilliantly coloured, beautiful butterflies. Page by delicately illustrated page, the author and illustrator teach children about butterflies in a fascinating manner.

Interesting facts for each butterfly are provided but the author only gives enough material to acquaint and to teach but not so much that the amount of information might overwhelm a child. The illustrations alone may hold a child's attention for many long minutes as they take in the gorgeous detail captured in each picture. 

For your classroom library or home library, A Butterfly Is Patient is book that as a teacher or parent-teacher, you may consider adding to your shelf.

*Note*: The page that teaches about the Monarch butterfly requires one alteration when reading it aloud. You will have to replace the word 'magical' with an Islaamically appropriate word such as: awe-inspiring, stunning, breathtaking, etc.

To see a 13 page preview of this beautiful book click here insha'Allaah.

And the next time you're at your local library, check the shelf for  A Butterfly Is Patient and if you find it, check it out insha'Allaah!

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