Saturday, August 25, 2012

New School Year, New Books

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

It's difficult to read good books and not buy them. While enjoying the summer break teachers (and parents) often come across good books that would fit well into their storytime routine. As you plan your classroom library for the upcoming school year, consider the following books to occupy space on your shelves.

 From right to left:

  1. I Can Help : This is a simple and simply wonderful book about how helping someone in need is an easy thing to do. A little duck is wondering through the grass when he realizes that he is lost. He voices his predicament out loud and in response a monkey in a tree says, " I can help." The little monkey helps the little duck find his mother and the mother duck thanks the little monkey. In this way this delightful story begins as each little animal is helped by another and the parents all thank the little animal who helped their child. This is a book that you might enjoy reading to your preschooler. (3 years old and up)
  2. Planes: In this book the author tells children about the different types of planes. The illustrations support the text very well with vibrant, colourful pictures .(3 years old and up)
  3. No Two Alike: (from

    No two snowflakes are alike, 
    almost, almost . . .
    but not quite.

    Follow a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey though a gorgeous winter landscape to explore how everything, everywhere is wonderfully unique--from branches and leaves to forests and trees to friends and loved ones. (3 years old and up).
  4. A Kitten Tale: This is the tale of four kittens - three of whom are afraid of the snow. The fourth kitten is intrepid and can't wait for the snow. As each kitten voices his fear about the coming snow, the fourth kitten enjoys the moment of the current season and continues to tell his siblings that he can't wait for the snow to come. When the snow finally does come, it is the fourth kitten who helps the other three conquer their fear of snow. Beautifully illustrated, this is a nice book for storytime that may help children feel comfortable about discussing fear. (3 years old and up)
  5. Bear Snores On: While Bear snores through his customary winter hibernation his friends creep into his cave seeking refuge from the cold winter weather. As more of Bears friends fill his cave, they begin popping corn, brewing tea and it turns into a party. Through all of this fun, Bear snores on. When a pepper flake finally awakens Bear by causing him to sneeze, he looks around and notices that his friends have been having fun without him. Bear's feelings are hurt by this but his friend Mouse knows just what to do to solve the problem. (3 years old and up)
  6. My Spring Robin : A little girl goes about the garden looking for a robin that befriended her last spring and used to sing its bird song to her. As she tries to find it, she encounters various signs that spring has arrived. As the little girl explores her garden children will learn some of the signs that tell us that Spring has arrived by the Permission of Allaah. (3 years old and up)
Insha'Allaah you enjoy building and/or adding to your classroom library for the upcoming school year!


  1. Jazaaki Allahu khayr, those books sound lovely. I'll be checking them out with my two little bookworms isA :)

  2. Wa iyaki. Insha'Allaah your little ones enjoy them.

  3. Salam could you recommend some excellent books that can teach toddlers age 2 and 3 how to count.

    jazakhallah khair


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