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Winter Break Review Pack: Math

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Most students love Winter Break (and many teachers too because we have some time to post something on our long neglected blog *smile*), but there is one thing that happens that many teachers do not love: some concepts, that were learned in the months leading up to Winter Break, get forgetten during the break. To help avoid that Winter Break relapse parents can encourage children to complete the activities found in this pack.

This version here on the blog is small due to the restrictions on some of the clipart used in the file (i.e. their terms of use indicate that products wherein their clipart is used may not be given away for free on blogs or websites). Respecting this restriction, this version does not contain the pages that feature clipart from these sites. If you would like the complete pack it is available in A Muslim Child is Born's Teacher Notebook Store. 

The free version includes:

  • Math Fact Family page for Math Journals
  • Even and Odd Numbers Activity
  • Reproducible pages for daily math work (to be used in Math Journals)
**UPDATED** The review pack found in A Muslim Child is Born's Teacher Notebook Store includes the following activities:

  • Skip Counting Activity Cards: 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s (up to 120)
  • 2 Math Fact Family pages for Math Journals
  • Even and Odd Numbers Activity
  • Greater than, Less than, and Equal To Activity (for Math Journals)
  • Reproducible pages for daily math work (to be used in Math Journals)
  • Numbers: Expanded Form Activity and Math Journal Pages *NEW*
  • What Comes Next? Math Journal Activity *NEW*
  • Instructions for each activity are included and each activity has a title page *NEW* 
** The instructions for each page/activity are below (they are not found in the FREEBIE file).**

Math Fact Family Math Journal pages (mittens and snowmen):

  1. Have your child cut out each mitten or snowman (depending on which version of the pack you have).
  2. Apply glue to the back of the tab that says, "GLUE HERE," and glue the mitten or snowman to the journal page. Allow to dry completely.
  3. The child lifts the mitten or snowman and writes the math facts for the three numbers found on the mitten or the snowman (i.e. if the numbers 2,3 and 5 are on the mitten the child would write the following math problems underneath the mitten directly on the blank page in the math journal: 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, and 5-3=2). 
Even and Odd Numbers Activity:

  1. Cut out the two cookie trays and place them on a flat, hard surface.
  2. Cut out all of the cookies found on the pages that follow the cookie sheet pages. There is also a page of blank cookies. You can cut these cookies out, laminate them and use a dry erase marker to write numbers of your choice on the cookies.
  3. Objective: The child has to place the cookies on the appropriate cookies sheet (i.e. all cookies that have an even number on them get placed on the EVEN cookie sheet, and all cookies that have an odd number on them get placed on the ODD cookie sheet). To help the child self-correct (after completing this activity) you can write the letters E and O on the back of the appropriate cookies with a pencil. After the child completes the activity, he or she turns the cookies over to verify that they have correctly placed each cookie. NOTE: The cookies used for this activity are the same cookies you will use for the Greater than, Less than or Equal to activity.
Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To?

  1. Cut out the cards that show the glasses of milk with the greater than, less than and equal signs on them.
  2. Use the cookies from the Even and Odd activity.
  3. Turn over the cards so that they are all face down. 
  4. The child selects two number cards and turns them over. He or she must select the correct card with the glass of milk that shows the sign that completes the math sentence accurately in'shaa allaah, and place this card in between the two cookies.
  5. The child can record his or her answers in a Math Journal.
Tell Me All About the Number Reproducible Math Journal Pages:

  1. Print these pages (as many copies as you need).
  2. Cut each page in half down the middle so you end up with two pages.
  3. Have the child glue the pages into his or her math journal. 
  4. Daily, give the child a number and have them tell/show you all they can about that number. They must list the math facts for the number, write a math sentence that shows which two numbers equal the number you gave them or the child can draw dots in each box to show the same thing (i.e. 2 dots in one box and 3 dots in the second box and then they must write the answer on the line provided. Children must also indicate if the number is even or odd and then they write a word problem using the number you assigned. 
Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To? Math Journal Pages (not found in Freebie Version of Math Pack)

  1. Print the pages and cut them down the middle so you end up with a total of four half-pages.
  2. Have the child glue each page into his or her math journal and complete the activities on each page.
Skip Counting Cards (not found in Freebie Version of Math Pack)

  1.  Print the cards and cut them out (optional: laminate for durability).
  2. Have the child line the cards up to correctly show 2s,3s, 5s, and 10s skip counted correctly. 
  3. You can also line the cards up and intentionally omit some cards in the sequence and have the child use the remaining cards to complete the sequence correctly in'shaa allaah.  
(or click on the Teacher's Notebook widget on the right hand side (top of the page).

Enjoy in'shaa allaah!

**A Side Note: Activities for grades 1 and up will be listed here on A Muslim Child is Born (at least temporarily) as it is easier right now to update one blog than two.** 

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