Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunny Days, Slow Week

Assalamu aliakum,

The sunny weather has me antsy and I've been a bit relaxed and keen to get outdoors. So a trip to the library was first on my list:

I only put 3-4 books on the shelf at a time. This way children have time to focus on the books and not be overwhelmed by the sheer number of books presented to them. Doing this, I find the books get read again and again and children have the opportunity to really enjoy the books alhamdulillah. From this stack, there are sure to be a few 'Recommended Books' posts coming soon insha'Allah.

Indoors, we've been blessed to witness the spouting of 4 of our plants alhamdulillah:

We then had some lunch time learning as well. In Montessori education, the teacher usually eats with her/his students at the same table. In this setting children have an opportunity to learn and practice courtesy, grace, manners and, as I learned, other practical life skills too! The activity below was borne of a lunch time experience late last week. As I sat eating my own lunch I noticed a small spoon make its way over to my bowl and in a very natural and nonchalant manner, take some of my food and transfer it to the plate of my toddler neighbour. "Well", I thought, "this can only mean one thing: this child may benefit and enjoy a transferring activity insha'Allah".  So I sat out an activity to help practice transferring and mentioned nothing of my missing piece of food (smile).

A regular sized teaspoon was initially put out with the activity but I quickly realized my mistake and replaced that adult teaspoon with a toddler spoon.

The toddler was successful having been given a spoon they could handle with ease alhamdulillah.

I've also been noticing that the salat (prayer) is quickly becoming a favourite here alhamdulillah. Of course, I want to encourage this so I provided a mini prayer rug and we read the book, "My Blue Prayer Rug". You can imagine how much the miniature prayer rug was enjoyed (smile).

My Blue Prayer Rug is a simple book I put together for my Kindergarten classroom but it's a hit here too masha'Allah. I did one for the colour green as well. The clip art is the same for each book as the main focus is repetitive text with many sight words and helping students learn the colour words. I have a bound copy for classroom use but you can download the books below insha'Allah.

If the weather remains sunny, I think it will be increasingly difficult for me to focus on crafts and not want to just go for a walk insha'Allah...hehe.

Enjoy insha'Allah!


  1. Found your blog today and I love it! MashAllah great ideas for children as well as great advice=)

  2. Assalamu alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah that you have found benefit in the blog. And Ahlan wa Sahlan (smile)! If there are resources that you need that you do not find here please do not hesitate to ask for them and insha'Allah, if I can do it/them I will be pleased to insha'Allah.

    Jazakillahu khayr

  3. A salam, MashaAllah great resource, love it. May Allah reward you for sharing it with us. What grades do you teach ?


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