Thursday, January 1, 2015

Answering a Parent's Question About the Math Review Pack

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

In'shaa allaah this post will answer the question a parent had about the "Tell Me All About the Number" page in the Winter Break Review Pack: Math. The parent wished to have clarification about how students complete this page, specifically the "Fact Family" section. In'shaa allaah, this explanation is helpful. 

The explanation will follow the numbers on the image above in'shaa allaah. Students complete the page in the following manner:

  1. The parent/teacher assigns a number (in this example the number is 11).
  2. Students have already worked with finding a missing addend, so now they will transfer that knowledge and use a number line, as in the example, or math manipulatives to assist them (Students have already done this as well). The students see that they must find two numbers whose sum is equal to 11. The students choose a number that is less than 11 (you may wish to tell students that the number cannot be 0 or 1). The students then write the number they chose in the first box. In this example, the number is 5. The students then use the number line to see how many times they have to move on the number line to reach the number 11. In this case, the students had to move 6 times. Therefore, the students now know that the next number in the equation is 6, and they write the number 6 in the second box. The students then write the answer to the equation (in this case, 11). The students now have the three numbers they need to complete section 3: "Fact Family."
  3. The students complete "Fact Family" using the three numbers from section 2. The students have had plenty of practice with fact families so this section should familiar, in'shaa allaah.
  4. In section 4, the students simply tell if the number the teacher/parent has assigned is even or odd.
  5. In section 5, the students use the assigned number to write a word problem that uses that number. For example, a student might write: Fahd had 5 pencils. Mahmud gave Fahd 6 more pencils after school. Fahd now has 11 pencils.  
In'shaa allaah this explanation helps. If there are any other questions about any of the review packs please do not be shy to ask.

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